2016 Season Awards

Top Statistician: John Eagen, Section VI

Surprise Teams: Dunkirk, McKinley, Olean

Best Mascots: South Park and Olean

Best Modified Coach: Dan Kelly, Williamsville North

Announcer of the Year: Vic Martucci, Clarence

Best Youth Coach: Tony Calliguri

Best Weekly Paper: Amherst Bee

Best Transfers: Kenyetta Huston, Lockport to Canisius and Jamel Lofton, Lackawanna to Bennett

Toughest Schedule: Timon/St. Jude

Best Booster Presidents: Melissa Huber, Williamsville South; Sara Maniscalco, Williamsville North

Best Athletic Facilities: Clarence, St. Joe’s, Jamestown, Williamsville North, Hamburg, All-High

Best Fans: Olean, Lancaster

Best Haircut: Brian Wild, Lancaster

Worst Haircut: Steve Ferrentino, Orchard Park

Best High School Football Publication: Upstate Weekly – Mark Adair

Best Booster Club: Jamestown

Best Chain Gang: Lancaster

Best Refreshment Stand: St. Joe’s

Best Bands: Hamburg, Medina, Orchard Park

Best Cheerleaders: Hamburg, Lancaster

Best Marching Band: Lancaster

Best Weekly Press Release: Medina

Best Website: wgrz.com/sports

Tallest Player: Brave Williams, Lake Shore

Best Leaders: Josh Daul, Orchard Park; Matt Myers, TImon/St. Jude; Niko Mullen, Clarence

Best Clock Operator: Bob Kowal, Lake Shore

Best Offensive Line: Starpoint

Most Injuries: Silver Creek/Forestville

Impact Player: Isaiah McDuffie, Bennett

Most Photogenic Assistant Coach: Todd Thompson, North Tonawanda

Best Linebackers: Bennett

Best Game Program: Clarence

Best Volunteer Coach: Dennis Mason, Cleveland Hill

Class Act (Coach): Glen Graham, Cleveland Hill

Class Act (Player): Dillon Janca, Orchard Park

Top Upsets: Timon/St. Jude over Canisius; Lackawanna over Medina

Non Stop Motor: Kevin Steele, Williamsville East

Best School Media Liason: Bryce Hopkins, Canisius

Most WNY Alumni Playing Collegiate Football: Canisius

Top WNY Collegiate Players: Chad Kelly, St. Joe’s (Mississippi); Jordan Johnson, Sweet Home (University at Buffalo)

Coaches of the Year:
Eric Rupp, Lancaster
Rich Robbins, Canisius
Glen Graham, Cleveland Hill
Mike Saratori, Dunkirk
Curt Fischer, Maple Grove

Best JV Coaches:
Brandon Sanders, Williamsville North
Jeff McGill, Cheektowaga
Jay Sanders, South Park

Most Tackles:
Trevor Micek, Maple Grove
Kevin Steele, Williamsville East

Most Sacks: 9, Austin Meenaghan, Starpoint

Most Yards Rushing (Game): 318, Ian Baker, Springville

Best Athletic Director Assistant” Mary Farracca, Williamsville East

Best Firm: AdPro Sports

Best Sports Journalist: Patrick Nagy, Amherst Bee

Best Ambassador: Len Jankiewiez

Best Weekly High School Sports Show: High School Sports WGRZ 550AM, Saturday morning with Tony Caliguri

Best Football Segment During Football Season: Kiss 98.5FM, Friday Night Football

Top Volunteers: Medina

Most Touchdowns Rushing (Game): 6, Ian Baker, Springville

Most Passing Touchdowns (Game): 5, Izaiah Rhim, Medina

Mongest Field Goal: 43 yards, Eddie Bianco, Williamsville North

Most Tackles (Game): 24, Trevor Micek, Maple Grove

Most Interceptions (Season): 6, Lucas Porter, Medina and Jared Maurino, West Seneca East

Most Touchdowns: 25, Brad Benson, Maple Grove

Most Field Goals: 5, Joe Dottweirch, North Tonawanda

Most Interceptions: Jared Maurino, West Seneca East; Lucas Porter, Medina

Best JV Player: Keshone Beal, Cheektowaga

Most Receiving Yardage: Stephan Parker, Cheektowaga

Most Sectional Titles: Orchard Park with 15

Unsung Players: Mason Mastrangelo, Lancaster and all Centers

Best Trainer: Bob Malley, Williamsville South

Most State Titles: Randolph with 5

Most Rushing Yardage: Kameron Alexander, Gowanda

Most Rushing TDs: Brad Bendon, Maple Grove with 24

Most Points Scored: Brad Benson, Maple Grove with 166

Most Passing Touchdowns: Eric Bartnik, Cheektowaga with 23

Most Passing Yardage: Eric Bartnik, Cheektowaga with 2245

Worst Dressed Referee: Paul Gagliardi

Unsung Heroes: Ken Stoldt, Dennis Sarow, Carl Kuras, WNY Football Officials Organization

Best Executive: Timm Slade, Section VI

Toughest Assignment: Referees and wives of coaches.

Next Toughest Assignment: Presidents of Booster Clubs

Best Pizza; Sorrentino’s

Best Awards: Cross Training Athletics Character Awards

Major Surprise: Lackawanna defeating Medina in the Class B Playoffs

Best GPA: Joe Dotterweich, North Tonawanda (98.2GPA) and Mason Jarolawsky, Lancaster (97.7 GPA).

Most Yards Passing and Rushing: Eric Bartnik, Cheektowaga with 2860 yards.

Most Touchdowns Rushing and Passing: Eric Bartnik, Cheektowaga with 33.

Most Photogenic Coach: Dean Santorio, Grand Island

Most Photogenic Principal: Scott Zipp, Cheektowaga

Most Photogenic Referees: Al Fuller, Jim DiMartino, Dave Sobus

Best New Athletic Complexes: Williamsville North, Clarence, Starpoint, Sweet Home

Best Principal: Gil Licata, Starpoint

Best Superintendent: Adam Stoltman, Alden

Most Versatile Players: Niko Mullen, Clarence; Zach Prince, Orchard Park; Nick Schaefer, South Park

Top Long Snapper: Jason Knavel, Orchard Park

Top Freshman: Connor Desiderio, Maryvale

Top Sophomores:
Kaiyer Fields, McKinley
Cole Snyder, Southwestern
Aaron Wahlet, Cleveland Hill
Scott Becht, Williamsville North
Jack Putney, Clarence
Aaron Chase, Starpoint
John Stevens, Clarence

Top Juniors:
Matt Myers, Timon/St. Jude
Ryan Mansell, Lancaster
Dylan McDuffie, St. Francis
Anthony Robinson, Starpoint
Kevin Steele, Williamsville
Jacob Maurino, West Seneca East
Jared Maurino, West Seneca East
Jalin Cooper, Medina
Kenyatta Huston, Canisius
Brad Currell, Canisius
Paul Woods, Canisius
Jayce Johnson, Canisius
Jack Shaver, Clarence
Devonte Fountain, South Park
Nick Julan, St. Joe’s
Juston Johnson, Timon/St. Jude

WGRZ High School Football Poll

Large Schools:

1. Lancaster 9-1

2. Canisius 8-2

3. Bennett 8-3

4. Timon/St. Jude 5-5

5. St. Francis 4-5

6. Starpoint 9-1

7. Orchard Park 6-4

8. Mckinley 6-3

9. Hutch-Tech 6-3

10. Clarence 6-3
South Park 6-3

West Seneca East 5-3

Small Schools:

1. Maple Grove 11-0

2. Dunkirk 9-2

3. Cheektowaga 9-1

4. Cleveland Hill 9-2

5. Southwestern 8-2

6. Olean 8-1

7. Maryvale 6-2

8. Lackawanna 5-4

9. Medina 6-3

10. Franklinville/Ellicottville 7-3

Schedule: Week 12

Thursday, November 17th

Canisius vs. St. Francis at 6pm – New Era Field

Friday, November 18th

Maple Grove vs. Sidney at 5pm – Cicerco North Field in Syracuse

Saturday November 19th

Dunkirk vs. Chenango Forks at 3pm – Cicerco North Field in Syracuse

Connolly Cup Finalists

Ian Baker, Springville

Eric Bartnik, Cheektowaga

Brad Benson, Maple Grove

Garrett Boldt, Olean

Matt Eldridge, Cleveland Hill

Max Giordano, Lancaster

Dylan McDuffie, St. Francis

Isaiah McDuffie, Bennett

Matt Myers, Bishop Timon/St. Jude

Zach Samborski, Lancaster

Top Receivers

Stephan Parker, Cheektowaga

Reston Daley, St. Francis

LG Castillo, Lancaster

Juston Johnson, Timon/ St. Jude

Nic Bruce, Orchard Park

Chris Nelson, Williamsville South

Mike Rigerman, Pioneer

Cordell O’Brien, Frewsburg

Kolby Park, CSP

Duane Robertson, Hutch-Tech

Zane Johnson, Grand Island

Niko Pannes, Southwestern

Jalin Cooper, Medina

Paul Woods, Canisius

Joe Shifflet, Williamsville East

Drew Butler, Williamsville East

Kameron Alexander, Gowanda

Isaiah McDuffie, Bennett

Ian Baker, Springville

Todd Thompson, Pioneer

Brad Benson, Maple Grove

Alton Ingram, Dunkirk

Jake Sarow, Akron

Zach Samborski, Lancaster

Matt Eldridge, Cleveland Hill

Kayier Fields, McKinley

Josh Dahl, Orchard Park

Tommy Matison, Olean

Dylan McDuffie, St. Francis

Brandon Yax, Iroquois

Chris Labonte, North Tonawanda

Most Tackles

Connor Kelly, Williamsville North – 135

Trevor Micek, Maple Grove – 145

Kevin Steele, Williamsville East – 133

Matt Eldridge, Cleveland Hill – 118

Mason Hoose, Canisius – 109

Tajay Ahmed, Starpoint – 105

Mike Rigerman, Pioneer – 103

Isaiah McDuffie, Bennett – 111

Miles Haynes, McKinley – 91

Jeff Howard, McKinley – 93

Jamel Lofton, Bennett – 96

Joe Andreessen, Lancaster – 103

Devin Delmont, St. Francis – 93

Elijah Winston, South Park – 88

Solomon Brown, Orchard Park – 80

Tyler White, Kenmore West – 88

Tyler Howard, Medina – 79

Dawson Joy, Medina – 78

Nick Schaefer, South Park – 77

Danny Wagner, Williamsville East – 78

Adam Bellaus, Cheektowaga – 77

Trevor Darlak, Cheektowaga – 71

Sean Kloss, Clarence – 70

Ben Damiani, Lancaster – 79

Jack Steinmetz, Williamsville South – 66

Mike Motley, St. Joe’s – 64

Zach Wood, Grand Island – 63

Paul Brinson, Nichols – 61

JB Wilkes, Grand Island – 61

MVPs Regional Quarterfinals


LG Castillo, Lancaster

Isaiah McDuffie, Bennett

Alton Ingram, Dunkirk

Aaron Wahler, Cleveland Hill

Brad Benson, Maple Grove


Joe Andreessen, Lancaster

Ben Damiani, Lancaster

Jamel Lofton, Bennett

Marcelus Toliver, Bennett

Elwin Gomez, Dunkirk

Alton Ingram, Dunkirk

Ryan Majerowski, Cleveland Hill

Matt Eldridge, Cleveland Hill

Trevor Micek, Maple Grove

Brandon Reagle, Maple Grove

MVPs Msgr. Martin Semi-Finals

Dylan McDuffie, St. Francis

Bryan Dempsey, St. Francis

Casey Kelly, St. Joe’s

Jayden Lofton, St. Joe’s

Raequon Greer, Canisius

Jayce Johnson, Canisius

Matt Myers, Timon/St. Jude

Joe Harrison, Timon/St. Jude

Devon Delmont, St. Francis

Reston Daley, St. Francis

Mike Motley, St. Joe’s

Freddie Nixon, St. Joe’s

Nick Kelsch, St. Joe’s

Jake Lutz, Canisius

Mason Hoose, Canisius

Jeremiah Sanders, Timon/St. Jude

Facts Regional Games (State Football Quarterfinals)

Section V Rochester leads the series over Section VI 65-54.

From 2008 – 2016 Section VI leads 27-12

From 2012-2015 Section VI has won 16 of thw 25 games played.

Clymer has the best record at 4-0

Orchard Park has the most appearances with 11 and 7 loses.

Lackawanna won 5 Straight but have lost the last 3

WNY teams have played in regional championships

24 WNY teams have won regional contests.

Section V won 10 of the first 11 matchups while section VI has won 6 of the last 9 games in Class AA

Sweet Home and Aquinas have played 6 games with the Little Irish winning 4 contests.

Jamestown and Lackawanna were the first WNY teams to win Regional Games in 1993

Section VI won the first 8 matchups in Class B.

Class Records

Class AA 7-14

Class A 10-15

Class B 14-11

Class C 10-14

Class D 13-11/54-65

Records Farwest Regionals WNY Teams

Clymer 4-0

Jamestown 5-1

Lackawanna 5-3

Southwestern 3-1

Randolph 5-2

Williamsville South 1-0

Lake Shore 1-0

Springville 1-0

Depew 1-1

Cheektowaga 2-1

Fredonia 1-0

Williamsville North 1-0

Falconer 2-1

Niagara Wheatfield 1-4

Maple Grove 4-4

Eden 1-4

Orchard Park 4-8

North Tonawanda 1-1

Sweet Home 3-5

Iroquois 1-1

Salamanca 2-3

Alden 1-2

Cleveland Hill 1-3

Lockport 0-1

Portville 0-1

Ellicottville 0-1

Catt/ LV 0-1

Clarence 0-2

Lancaster 0-1

Frewsburg 0-1

Pine Valley 0-2

Pioneer 0-3

Gowanda 0-2

Grand Island 0-2

Olean 0-2

Silver Creek 0-2

Bennett 0-1

Six Lancaster student-athletes signed college scholarship national letters of intent recently. They are:

Taylor Domanowski, Alabama for Women's Cheerleading

Olivia Gervan, West Point for Women's Track and Field

Kara Paradowski, Canisius for Women's Softball

LG Castillo, Oklahoma for Men's Baseball

Collin Reformat, UB for Men's Baseball

Alyssa Markowski, Edinboro University for Women's Lacrosse.

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