Quote of the Week: “Make your opponent fear and respect you.”

Booster Club President of the Week: Sue Edwards, Iroquois

Academic Achievers of the Week: Brandon Yax, Iroquois (90 GPA)

Top Football Complex: Canisius

Referee of the Week: Al fuller

Athletic Director of the Week: Aubrey Llyod, Buffalo Schools

Top Band: Niagara Falls

Top Refreshment Stand: Hamburg

Top JV Program: Williamsville South

Tackling Machine: Louis Surace Jr., St. Joe’s

Best Voice: Marquez Lofton, Lackawanna

Most Loquacious: Jason Kolb, Burgard

Comedian of the Week: Paul Brooks, Lackawanna

Best Dressed Jamestown Coach: Mike Baker

Cheerleaders of the Week: Cleveland Hill

Assistant Coaches of the Week: West Seneca East

Unique Name: Electric Engineers (Hutch-Tech)

Trainer of the Week: Paul Rokita, Maryvale

Best Chain Crew: Maple Grove

Best Uniform: Grand Island, Iroquois

Class Act: Jake Cotter, Medina

Best Fans: St. Francis

Best Dressed Coaches: Springville

Superintendent of the Week: Sandra Anzalone, Eden

Name for the Week: Garrett Boldt, Olean

Fastest Player of the Week: Zach Samborski, Lancaster

Strongest Player of the Week: Dylan McDuffie, St. Francis

Tallest Player of the Week: Jordan Snyder, JFK

Most Photogenic Coach: Chad Bartoszek, Franklinville/Ellicottville; Todd Therrien, North Tonawanda

Question for the Week: Why does Class AA in Section VI football have 2 separate leagues?

MVPs Sectional Championships

Class AA:
Max Giordano, Lancaster
Ryan Mansell, Lancaster
Joe Andreessen, Lancaster
Zach Prince, Orchard Park

Class A:
Isaiah McDuffie, Bennett
Anthony Robinson, Starpoint
Tajay Ahmed, Starpoint
Jamel Lofton, Bennett

Class B:
Eric Bartnik, Cheektowaga
Alton Ingram, Dunkirk
KaSean Anthony, Cheektowaga
Juan Damas, Dunkirk

Class C:
Matt Eldridge, Cleveland Hill
Tyler Phillips, Cleveland Hill
Niko Pannes, Southwestern
Nate Pawlowski, Cleveland Hill

Class D:
Brad Benson, Maple Grove
Dooley Brennan, Franklinville/Ellicottville
Trevor Micek, Maple Grove

Observations Sectional Championship

Class AA:

Quakers were outcoached, outplayed, and now we are looking at Lancaster being the premier team in Class AA for the foreseeable future. For Eric Rupp and his staff to accomplish winning a sectional title in his first year is unbelievable. The Legends are for real but will need to bring their A game to compete with Victor. When was the last time Orchard Park lost 4 games in a season?

Class A:

Bennett won its first title behind the play of Isaiah McDuffie, Jamel Lofton, and Marcelus Tolliver but he Tigers repeated last year’s mistakes with 12 penalties for 113 yards and 2 turnovers. Unless the Tigers become more focused and disciplined, they will have a difficult time advancing in the state playoffs. The Tigers shut down the Spartans particularly their 3 leading rushers by only allowing 63 yards on 32 carries. Both teams were poor in 3rd down conversions as the Tigers were 3 of 10 and Spartans 3 0f 11.

Class B:

Dunkirk ended Cheektowaga’s reign as sectional champions by defeating the Warriors in a shootout 46-35. MVPs for the Marauders were Alton Ingram and their line. They rushed for 421 yards and 6 touchdowns compared to 77 yards for the Warriors who were led by the passing and rushing of Eric Bartnik and the receiving of Stephan Parker. Kudos to the Marauders’ offensive and defensive lines which limited the possession time by Cheektowaga to 17 minutes compared to Dunkirk’s 30 minutes. Congratulations to Mike Sarratori, the coaching staff, and everyone connected with “Marauder Nation” for winning their first sectional title.

Class C:

Cleveland Hill won their 7th title dominating Southwestern 52-21 and in the process establishing a new record for rushing in a title game with 478 yards. The Golden Eagles were led by Matt “The Beast” Eldridge who rushed for 201 yards and Tyler Phillips with 152 yards and 2 touchdowns. The Golden Eagles are on a 9 game win streak and must bring their A game against undefeated Bishop Kearney.

Class D:

Big time players make big plays and for Maple Grove’s Brad Benson with 153 yards, 3 touchdowns and with Trevor Micek’s 15 tackles, the Red Dragons dominated the Titans for the 2nd game this season. They are now 4-2 in 6 consecutive title games. The only negative for Maple Grove was the loss of Dalton Dubois, their senior QB to injury and hopefully he will be ready to play on Friday. However, Easton Tanner, sophomore QB who replaced DuBois did an excellent job at managing the game. The Red Dragons have won 2 state titles and Curt Fischer knows what it takes to bring home a championship. Red Dragons play undefeated Alexander who surprised Clyde Savannah in the Rochester semi-finals.

Players from teams playing in the sectional championship games were asked at Media Day to give one word to describe their playing for a title at New Era Field. Their responses are as follows:

Tajay Ahmed, Starpoint: humbling

Terry Rutland, Starpoint: Amazing

Adam Lasal, Starpoint: unbelieveable

Anthony Robinson, Starpoint: Opportunity

Jacob Kiff, Starpoint: Dream

Elvin Gomez, Dunkirk: Surreal

Alton Ingram, Dunkirk: Great

Evon Hernandez, Dunkirk: Exciting

Andrew Vetter, Dunkirk: Exciting

Nick Jones, Dunkirk: Awesome

Dillon Janca, Orchard Park: Mesmerizing

Josh Dahl, Orchard Park: Super

Dan Kubik, Orchard Park: Magical

Parker Druzbik, Orchard Park: Star struck

Nico Rapini, Orchard Park: Irreplaceable

Zach Samborski, Lancaster: Special

Jacob Luderman, Lancaster: Surreal

Trevor Wilson, Lancaster: Opportunity

Mason Jaroslawsky, Lancaster: Finally

LG Castillo, Lancaster: Amazing

Matt Eldridge, Cleveland Hill: Phenomenal

Tyler Phillips, Cleveland Hill: Payoff

Nate Pawlowski, Cleveland Hill: Blessing

Manny Al-Hemyari, Cleveland Hill: Exciting

Aaron Wahler, Cleveland Hill: Sensational

Marcus Livermore, Maple Grove: Incredible

Alex Lai, Maple Grove: Unbelievable

Logan Fain, Maple Grove: Exhilarating

Michael Derby, Maple Grove: Gallivant

Nick Carlson, Maple Grove: Proud

Brandon Reagle, Maple Grove: Expectation

Dakota Peck, Maple Grove: Awesome

Isaiah McDuffie, Bennett: Amazing

Derek Bishop, Bennett: Gratifying

Marcelus Tolliver, Bennett: Blessing

Monte Parish, Bennett: Honor

Jamel Lofton, Bennett: Opportunity

Kendrick Benson, Bennett: Amazing

Dooley Brennan, Franklinville/Ellicottville: inspiring

Liam Watt, Franklinville/Ellicottville: Amazing

Brock Blecha, Franklinville/Ellicottville: Memorable

Preston Hutchinson, Franklinville/Ellicottville: Incredible

Griffin Chudy, Franklinville/Ellicottville: Inspiring

Micah Sexton, Franklinville/Ellicottville: Breathtaking

Stephan Parker, Cheektowaga: Exciting

Eric Bartnik, Cheektowaga: Amazing

De’Marion McGinnis, Cheektowaga: Fun

Sevin Turpin, Cheektowaga: Tremendous

Shaquil Heard, Cheektowaga: Hungry

Chris Johnson, Southwestern: Motivational

Niko Pannes, Southwestern: Excited

Wyatt Perry, Southwestern: Tough

Cole Snyder, Southwestern: Surreal

Casey Williams, Southwestern: Ecstatic

WGRZ High School Football Poll Through Week 10

Large Schools:

1. Lancaster 10-0

2. Canisius 7-2

3. Bennett 8-2

4. Timon/St. Jude 5-5

5. Starpoint 9-1

6. Orchard Park 6-4

7. McKinley 6-3

8. Hutch-Tech 6-3

9. Clarence 6-3

10. South Park 6-3
West Seneca East 5-3

Small Schools:

1. Cleveland Hill 9-1

2. Dunkirk 8-2

3. Maple Grove 10-0

4. Cheektowaga 9-1

5. Southwestern 8-2

6. Olean 8-1

7. Maryvale 6-2

8. Lackawanna 5-4

9. Medina 6-3

10. Franklinville/Ellicottville 7-2

Stephan Parker, Cheektowaga senior WR caught 164 passes for 2344 yards and 25 touchdowns in his career with the Warriors. He is one of the best receivers ever to play Wide Receiver in WNY as evidenced by the following.

He established a new WNY record with 73 receptions in a season.

His 1013 yards receiving is ranked #4 for most yards in a season.

He is tied for 4th for most touchdown receptions in a season with 14.

He is 2nd with 167 passes caught in a career.

His 2344 yards receiving in a career is ranked 3rd.

His 25 touchdowns is tied for 5th in career touchdown receptions.

Dillon Janca, Orchard Park senior QB, finished his career with 6299 yards passing which plaves the Quaker as number 3 in career passing yards behind #2 Joe Licata, Williamsville South and #1 Jerry Hickson, St. Francis.

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