Quote of the Week: “Talent is God given. Be thankful. Fame is man given. Be humble. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.”

Booster Club Presidents of the Week: Paul Fron, Kenmore West; Betsy Krenning, Albion

Academic Achievers of the Week:
Matt Eldridge, Cleveland Hill (3.4 GPA)
Dominic Wright, Lackawanna (3.6 GPA)

Top Football Complex: Orchard Park

Referee of the Week: Paul Gagliardi

Athletic Directors of the Week: Daryl Besant, Lake Shore; Brett Banker, Kenmore West

Top Band: Iroquois

Top Refreshment Stand: Williamsville South

Top JV Program: Iroquois

Tackling Machines:
Connor Kelly, Williamsville North
Trevor Micek, Maple Grove

Best Voices:
Zach Sley, Iroquois
Connor Kelly, Williamsville North

Most Loquacious: David Munella, Jamestown

Comedians of the Week:
Jared Maurino, West Seneca East
Jsaon and Andrew Hwang, Williamsville North

Best Dressed Jamestown Coach: Tom Langworthy

Cheerleaders of the Week: Williamsville South

Assistant Coaches of the Week: Cleveland Hill

Best Nickname: Nate “Dominator” Emer, Iroquois

Unique Name: Mustang Nation

Best Trainer: Kari Newman, Jamestown

Best Chain Crew: Jamestown

Best Uniform: North Tonawanda

Class Act: Dan Kubik, Orchard Park

Best Fans: Alden and Frontier

Best Dressed Coaches: Randolph

Top Statistician: Ken Partel, Alden

Best Announcer: Bob Kowal, Lake Shore

Journalist of the Week: Jason Nadolinski, Bee Group

Top Assistant: Kathleen Christ, Grand Island

Best Restaurant: Curley’s

Tom Ambassador: Dennis Sarrow, Connolly Cup chairman

Best Radio Station: WYRK

Best Fan: Ken Stoldt, Football Federation

Best Media Friendly Football Program: Clarence

Alumnus of the Week: Aaron Leeper, Jamestown

Best Dancer: Joe Shifflet, Williamsville East

Names of the Week:
Hunter Dimitroff, St. Joe’s
Jazzy Rivera, Dunkirk

Fastest Player of the Week: Rashad Law, Maryvale

Strongest Player of the Week: Tajay Ahmed, Starpoint

Tallest Player of the Week: Derek Biscaro, Pioneer

Most Photogenic Coach of the Week: Chris Glenn, Williamsville East

Most Inspirational:
Korey Ayers, Clymer/Sherman/Panama
Mason Mastrangelo, Lancaster

Photographers of the Week: Mark Mulville, The Buffalo News

Question for the Week: What player is the heart and soul of your team?

Cheerleader of the Week: Macaire Lisicki, Williamsville South


Freddie “Pitball” Nixon, St. Joe’s

Zach “Flash” Samborski, Lancaster

Jeremy “The Hulk” Bush, Jamestown

Marquez, “Magnificent” Lofton, Lackwanna

Kenyatta “Shake and Bake” Houston, Canisius

Kolby “Lightning” Parks, Clymer/Sherman/Panama

Jesse “Wizard” Broad, West Seneca West

Cam “Poppy” Sionko, Grand Island

Jake “Coach” Sarow, Akron

Mason “Master” Mastrangelo, Lancaster

Lawrence “Tiger” Jenkins, Lake Shore

Inspirational Story

Mason Mastrangelo nearly passed away at a very early age due to extreme asthma. He was in a coma for several days at the age of 3. Doctors said he would probably never be able to play sports due to the severity of his asthma and the fact that the steroids he was on made him overweight. Doctors held out small hope that he would outgrow it with age. Mason did try the Junior Redskins around 5th grade but didn’t last one day due to all of the running. In 7th grade he decided to try the Lancaster modified football program again because he wanted to play. This time around he was able to participate and his lungs grew stronger with every practice. Mason has been playing Lancaster football ever since. What really makes this story compelling is the fact that he was also the Section VI wrestling champion for 2016 and went to the state tournament in Albany. He finished the 2016 wrestling season with a 40-5 record and 26 pins. He also plays varsity lacrosse. Mason has come so far to be an all-around athlete and is well known for his stamina and endurance. Amazing when you consider the asthma issues he has overcome that almost took his life. Mason’s attitude, perseverance, focus, and heart are to be commended. He is a special athlete and individual who has a wonderful future ahead of him.

WNY Football Trivia

Canisius has the most alumni who played professional football with 11, followed by Orchard Park with 7 and Masten with 6.

Jamestown’s Jake Sisson in 2013 passed a WNY record with 3184 passing yards in a season.

Top Quote: “And on the 8th day, God created football.”

Randolph and Sweet Home have the most 1000 yard rushers with 17.

380 WNY QB’s have thrown for 1000 yards in a season.

Maple Grove’s Randall Secky was the first WNY QB to pass for 1000 yards in 1998 when he threw for 2094 yards.

Chad Kelly, St. Joe’s passed for a WNY 5209 yards in 2 seasons.

Timon/St. Jude has the most passers throwing for 1000 yards in a season with 17.

Clymer (4-0) and Jamestown (5-1) have the best records in regional state quarterfinals.

Jamestown leads with 71 first team All-WNY players.

Don McGee, Eden RB, was the first Connolly Cup recipient in 1972.

Orchard Park has the most Connolly Cup finalists with 22.

Interesting Names

Manhattan King, Jamestown

Calik Gardner, Albion

Jovanni Feggans, Burgard

Naseer Jackson, St. Joe’s

Niko Mullen, Clarence

Jaziah Rivera, Dunkirk

Gian Rock, East Aurora/Holland

Gustavo Bautista-Gomez, Eden

Brock Blecha, Franklinville/Ellicottville

Keegan O’Connor, Frontier

Tysheek Pearson, Hutch-Tech

Leguim Castillo, Lancaster

Nakeem Ubaydah, Maryvale

Xander Edstrom, Olean

Laith Alsous, Lew-Port

Topher Elkins, Springville

Shota Sprlanger, Lockport

WNY Alumni Currently Playing Professional Football

Brett Kern, Grand Island – Tennessee

Corey Graham, Turner Carroll – Buffalo

Jacob Schum, Frontier – Green Bay

Rob Grownkowski, Williamsville North – New England

JC Tretter, Akron – Green Bay

John Starks, Niagara Falls – University at Buffalo

John Urschel, Canisius – Baltimore

Naaman Roosevelt, St. Joe;s – Saskatchewan

Luke Tasker, St. Francis – Hamilton

Jeremy Kelly, West Seneca West – Saskatchewan

Mercer Timmis, Canisius – Hamilton

Note: Joe Licata, Williamsville South was let go by the Cincinnati Bengals. David Fluellen, Lockport, was let go by Tennessee. Doug Worthington, St. Francis, was let go by the LA Rams. Rob Kugler, Orchard Park, was let go by the Buffalo Bills. Glen Grownkowski, Williamsville North, was let go by the Bills. John Kling, Depew, was let go by the Chicago Bears.

Top Kickers

Niko Mullen, Clarence

Blake Haubeil, Canisius

Louis Surace, Jr., St Joe’s

Riley Pastusynski, Alden

Brian Strybel, Orchard Park

Colin Kloc, Portville

Patrick Cuddihy, Eden

Max Giardino, Lancaster

Eddie Bianco, Williamsville North

Michael Padilla, Maple Grove

WNY Teams with Top Number of 1000 Yard Rushers

Sweet Home – 17

Randolph – 17

Alden – 17

Jamestown – 16

St. Francis – 16

Lackawanna – 15

Cleveland Hill – 15

Maple Grove – 15

McKinley – 13

St. Joe’s – 13

Clymer – 13

Ellicottville – 13

Freshman Football

For 2016, one of the major stories is that freshman football had been eliminated after several decades. The primary reason was the declining number of players available to JV and varsity football. The only schools that wanted to play freshman football this season were Jamestown, Lancaster, and Orchard Park. In 2016, Canisius, St. Joe’s, and St. Francis decided not to field a team while in recent years, Clarence, Frontier, and Sweet Home opted out. In the past, the schools that fielded freshman teams did very well on the gridiron. After week 2 of the season, Jamestown, Lancaster, Canisius, and St. Joe’s played scrimmages among the 4 schools. Orchard Park opted out of fielding a freshman team even though 26 players attended the Quaker football clinic. St. Joe’s roster changed dramatically as 36 freshmen signed up to play and were among 59 players in week 1 on the Marauder JVs. Perhaps next year, more schools will have freshman football again.

Key League Games Left

Class D

Silver Creek at Maple Grove – Week 6

Sivler Creek at Franklinville/Ellicottville – Week 7

Maple Grove at Randolph – Week 7

Class C

Cleveland Hill at JFK – Week 7

Class B

Springville at Dunkirk – Week 6

Olean at East Aurora/Holland – Week 6

Lackawanna at Alden – Week 7

Maryvale at Cheektowaga – Week 7

East Aurora/Holland at Springville – Week 7

Class A

Starpoint at Williamsville South – Week 6

Williamsville South at Grand Island – Week 7

Iroquois at South Park – Week 7

Class AA

Hutch-Tech at Lancaster – Week 6

Frontier at Jamestown – Week 6

Niagara Falls at Williamsville North – Week 6

Kenmore West at Clarence – Week 7

Hutch-Tech at Clarence – Week 7

Orchard Park at Niagara Falls – Week 7

WNY Alumni Who Have Super Bowl Rings

Keith O’Neil, Sweet Home

Rob Gronkowski, Williamsville South

Ron Jaworski, Lackawanna

Darryl Johnston, Lew-Port

Justin Strzelczyk, West Seneca West

Shane Conlan, Frewsburg

Dave Wohlabugh, Frontier

Phil McConkey, Canisius

Craig Wolfley, Orchard Park

James Starks, Niagara Falls

Mark Murphy, Clarence

Jim Burt, Orchard Park

Steve Hamilton, Williamsville East

Bill Begrgey, Pine Valley

Josh Thomas, Orchard Park

Corey Graham, Turner/Carroll

Marv Hubbard, Randolph

Favorite Rochester teams in state quarterfinals:

Class AA: Victor

Class A: Rochester/Brighton

Class B: Batavia

Class C: Bath

Class D: Red Jackets

Excellent Offensive Line: Williamsville South’s Travis Porterfield, Alex Pasinski, Mark Thomas, Will Lacey, and Dan Thomer

Wouldn’t be surprised if Canisius is ranked in the USA Today final poll this season.

Keep Eden’s Mike Alessi’s wife in your prayers.

Miles Haynes, McKinley’s junior LB, recorded 42 tackles for the Macks in their first 4 games.

Edinboro lost all its games last season, changed coaches, and the Scots, led by Jake Sisson are 3-1 after 4 games. Sisson earned player of the year honors at Jamestown. Sisson passed for 1259 yards, 16 touchdowns and is averaging 336.3 yards per game. The QB has a 3.0 GPA as a chemistry major with a concentration in forensic science.

Dean Santorio, Grand Island head coach, for 15 years made honorable mention USA Today All American in his senior year at Grand Island. He also won 2 division II NAIA National championships playing for Westminster College in 1988 and 1989.

Fact: Last year, the Buffalo News All-WNY team consisted of 140 players. First, second, and third teams has 75 each and 65 honorable mention.

Question: How will Chautauqua Lake respond next year if Maple Grove wants to merge their football program with the Thunderbirds?

WNY teams will play 36 games in week 5. Friday there are 23 and Saturday there are 13.

Todd Therrien, assistant coach at North Tonawanda, played football for Williamsville North. He was the only player in WNY history that had a bobble head night.

Fact: There has been a 2.6 percent decline in the number of high school football players playing football from 2008-2009 through 2014-2015. At the youth level participation in Pop Warner football fell 9.5 percent between 2010 and 2012.

WNY Football Families: Langworthy, Secky, Janca, Sirianni, Grownkowski, Stoldt, Beaver, Fluellen, Morrison, Janca, Hickson

Best WGRZ Athletes: Boomer Connell, Michael Wooten, Jeff Cobb, and Andy DeSantis

Lacrosse players who also excel at football include:

Owen Hill, Akron

Josh Daul, Orchard Park

Louis Surace Jr., St. Joe’s

Parker Valvo, Iroquois

Connor Buzby, Grand Island

Nate Faller, Sweet Home

Ian Dolac, West Seneca East

Jesse Broad, West Seneca West

Casey Kelly, St. Joe’s

Interception Leaders: Anthony Maniscalco, Williamsville North and Lucas Porter, Medina with 5 each.

Trevor “The Dominator” Micek, Maple Grove, has 40 tackles in 4 games. He has started since his freshman year and is the heart and soul of the Red Dragons.

In Max Preps Regional computer rankings after week 4, Canisius is ranked 19th. The top ranked team from New York is Chenango Forks at 15. Any Class B school from Section VI, if they win their quarterfinal game over a Rochester tam, will more than likely have to play Chenango Forks or Maine-Endwell.

Wheels Club

Cole Burniston, Canisius

Leguin Castillo, Lancaster

Raequan Greer, Canisus

William Willis, Cardinal O’Hara

Austin Reamsnyder, Maryvale

Joshua Halter, North Tonawanda

Terry Rutland, Starpoint

Jacob Maurino, West Seneca East

Ethan Shattuck, Tonawanda

Jason Jaskolka, Hamburg

Nakeem Baydah, Maryvale

Last Sectional Football Title

Williamsville South – 1994

Amherst – 1993

Franklinville – 1992

Hinsdale – 1990

Medina – 1988

Allegany – 1988

Albion – 1987

JFK – 1986

Important Matchups Week 6

Olean at East Aurora/Holland

Silver Creek at Maple Grove

West Seneca East at Iroquois

Kenmore West at Clarence

Orchard Park at Bennett

Medina at Cleveland Hill

Attributes Necessary To Be a Great Football Player and Teammate

Character: Who you are.

Attitude: Always be positive.

Focus on every play at practice and games.

Passion for the game of football.

Perseverance: Able to overcome adversity.

Work Ethic: Always trying to be better.

Workout Regimen: Always trying ot be stronger, faster, and better.

Fact: There are 24 hours in a day. That is a gift. 8 hours for sleeping, 8 hours for school and what you do with the other 8 hours defines who you are.

Best Merged Programs: Maple Grove/Chautauqua Lake, Franklinville/Ellicottville and Olmstead/MEC/East/Bennett

10 Ways Not to Play Football in College

1. Don’t study.

2. Don’t practice hard.

3. Don’t listen.

4. Have an attitude.

5. Be a complainer.

6. Don’t be a team player

7. Don’t give 100 percent effort.

8. Don’t train.

9. Take plays off.

10. Show disrespect to coaches.

Top Football Complexes

St. Francis


St. Joe’s




Grand Island


Orchard Park


Niagara Falls


Sweet Home


Williamsville North


Did You Know?

Orchard Park has won 20 sectional football championships, the most in WNY history.

John Faller, Sweet Home head coach, has achieved 212 victories in his 30 year career.

The Connolly Cup was established in 1972.

The Trench Trophy was established in 2002.

The WNY high school football awards banquet was established in 1987,

The Buffalo News All-WNY team was established in 1959.

Randolph has won 5 state championships, the most in Western New York.

Jamestown does not have a cheerleading squad.

City of Buffalo teams have won 5 league titles since joining Section VI in 2010.

Akron: Jake Sisson

Albion: Meach Gardiner

Alden: Christian Snell

Allegany-Limestone: Patrick Walsh

Amherst: Jakye Womack

Barker/Roy-Hart: Matt Steves

Bennett: Brandon Barksdale

Burgard: Anthony Maple

Cassadaga Valley/Falconer: Chris Dutton

Cheektowaga: Tariq Whitaker

Clarence: Jack Putney

Cleveland Hill: Aaron Wahler

Clymer/Sherman/Panama: Robert Overton

Depew: Chad Biersbach

Dunkirk: Juan Dames

East Aurora/Holland: Hunter Czora

Ellicottville/Franklinville: Brock Blecha

Fredonia: Reid Tranowski

Frewsburg: Terry Gray

Frontier: Dylan Kmitch

Grand Island: Cam Sienko

Hamburg: Brett Hall

Hutch-Tech: Robert Thornton

Iroquois: Spencer Siachetko

Jamestown: Matt Hill

JFK: Jordan Snyder

Kenmore East: Billy Sautter

Kenmore West: Andrew Fron

Lacakwanna: Khalil Horton

Lake Shore: Caleb Grill

Lancaster: Brett Beetow

Lewiston-Porter: Michael Allender

Lockport: Javon Ford

Maple Grove: Nash Nelson

Maryvale: Rashad Law

McKinley: Miles Haynes

Medina: Jalin Cooper

Newfane: Connor Hill

Niagara Wheatfield: Bryan Lucinski

North Tonawanda: Kyle McNeil

Olean: Lake Chapman

Orchard Park: Ethan Falsone

Pioneer: Mike Rigerman

Randolph: Devin Foster

Riverside: Markell Bryant

Salamanca: Jeremiah Shoup

Silver Creek/Forestville: Austin Eggleston

South Park: Latrell London

Southwestern: Cole Snyder

Springville: Michael Hannon

Starpoint: Anthony Robinson

Sweet Home: Nathan Faller

Tonawanda: Henry Palmero

West Seneca East: Jacob Maurino

West Seneca West: Vinny Draper

Williamsville East: Joe Shiffley

Williamsville North: Scott Becht

Williamsville South: Josh Foster

Wilson: Wade Rick

Cardinal O’Hara: Michon Dudley

St. Francis: Seth Penn

St. Joseph’s: Casey Kelly

Canisius: Jayce Johnson

Timon/St. Jude: Matt Myers

St. Mary’s: Matt Ciezki

Dunkirk rushed for 416 yards on 45 carries on the Marauders’ win over East Aurora/Holland

Best Mascot: South Park

Excellent JV Player: Clarence Thomas for South Park

Ian Baker, Springville senior RB, rushed for 1018 yards and 13 touchdowns for the Griffiths this season.

Tyree Brown, former South Park star and recipient of the Connolly Cup is playing well for Canada Prep and is being looked at by Rutgers, Maine and Eastern Michigan.

Ian Baker, Springville senior RB, broke the career school rushing record with 2363 yards in his career with the Griffiths. Congratulations.

David Janca, Orchard Park senior QB, for his career has completed 415 of 716 passes for 5399 yards and 55 touchdowns. He has also rushed for 409 yards and 13 touchdowns. Overall, he has accounted for a total offense of 5808 yards and 68 touchdowns.

Winless Teams: Niagara Wheatfield, Lockport, Kenmore East, Newfane, Salamanca, Portville, Cattaraugus/LV, Cardinal O’Hara, St. Mary’s

Shutouts: Niagara Falls, Bennett, Cathedral Prep

Question: When was the last time Jamestown started 0-5 and Orchard Park lost 2 home games?

Nichols has a 14 game losing streak while Salamanca has a 17 game streak.

After 5 weeks there are 9 unbeaten teams.

Eric Bartnik, Cheektowaga senior QB has passed for 1025 yards and 13 touchdowns in 5 games to lead the Warriors to a 5-0 record.

Top Passers:
Eric Bartnik, Cheektowaga
Cordell O’Brien, Frewsburg
Matt Myers, Timon/St. Jude

Top Rushers:
Ian Baker, Springville
Cordell O’Brien, Frewsburg

Top Defender: Trevor Micek, Maple Grove

Top Offensive Line: Maple Grove

Top Defensive Line: Clarence

Top Linebackers: Canisius

Top Receiver: LG Castillo, Lancaster

Top Kicker: Retsen Daley, St. Francis

Players of the Week:
Ian Baker, Springville
Cordell O’Brien, Frewsburg
Ryan Mansell, Lancaster
LG Castillo, Lancaster

Teams of the Week:
West Seneca East

Upset of the Week: West Seneca East over South Park

Questions: What are the duties and responsibilities of the executive director of the Msgr. Martin Association? Does he ever go to any games with the exception of the title games at New Era Field? Doe he ever furnish the media with team rosters and/or other pertinent information?

Ian Baker, Springville senior RB, has rushed for 1022 yards and 13 touchdowns in 5 games.

Clarence is averaging 27.8 points per game and allowing only 8.8 points. Red Devil nation is back and roaring.

Potential Matchups for Section Quarterfinals:

Class AA

Kenmore West at Lancaster
Jamestown at Clarence
Hutch-Tech at Williamsville North
Niagara Falls at Orchard Park

Class A

Williamsville South at Bennett
McKinley at Starpoint
North Tonawanda at West Seneca East
South Park at Grand Island

Class B

Dunkirk at Cheektowaga
Burgard at Medina
Springville at Olean
Alden at Maryvale

Class C

Akron at Southwestern
Chautauqua Lake at Cleveland Hill
Falconer/CV at Wilson
JFK at Gowanda

Class D

Cattaraugus at Maple Grove
Portville at Franklinville/Ellicottville
Randolph at Silver Creek
CSP at Frewsburg

Most Points Allowed Through Week 5

Kenmore West – 240

Cattaraugus/LV – 225

Lockport – 213

St. Mary’s – 201

Riverside – 197

Frontier – 194

Tonawanda – 183

Jamestown – 183

Timon/St. Jude – 174

Barker/RH - 172

Impact Players

LG Castillo, Lancaster

Sean Kloss, Clarence

Tajay Ahmed, Starpoint

Richard Wagner, West Senea East

Jalin Cooper, Medina

Dylan Casey, Maryvale

Ian Baker, Springville

Justin Daul, Wilson

Gilberto Ortiz, Gowanda

Cordell O’Brien, Frewsburg

Matt Myers, Timon/St. Jude

JV Scores

Cheektowaga 25 – Iroquois 11

Williamsville North 40 – Clarence 0

Burgard 16 – Maryvale 12

Jamestown 58 – Springville 6

Surprise Teams: Wilson, Niagara Falls, Hutch-Tech, JFK, Southwestern, Silver Creek, McKinley, Olean, JFK

Brandon Yax, Iroquois senior RB in 5 games has rushed for 722 yards and 13 touchdowns for the Cheifs.

Dillon Janca, Orchard Park senior QB, has passed for 5399 yards in his career. He would need 517 yards to move into the 3rd spot in rankings.

JV Players of the Week

Caleb Abbey, Jamestown

Drew Boggs, Jamestown

Keyshone Beal, Cheektowaga

Jabari McDonald, Cheektowaga

Teams that could be a force in the playoffs are Hutch-Tech, McKinley, North Tonawanda, and Dunkirk.

Buffalo Bills Coach of the Week in week 4 was Dean Santorio, Grand Island. Congratulations to the Vikings.

Jerry Hickson, St. Francis QB, has passed for 6505 yards in his career. The senior needs 166 yards to pass Joe Licata, Williamsville South, who holds the current record of 6671 yards passing in a career.

Question: Why don’t coaches from Tonawanda call in the scores and stats for their games? The Warrior players deserve the recognition.

Williamsville North’s JVs have won 21 straight games. The Spartans have been led the Joe Nusall with 7 touchdowns. Dylan Kelly, Jacob Orlando, Scott Hopkins, and Dylan and Austin Mann.

The home teams won 23 games this weekend compared to 14 wins for away teams.

Chad Kelly, for St. Joe’s star, has completed 115 of 174 passes for 1596 yards and 13 touchdowns. He has also rushed for 124 yards and 1 touchdown for the 3-2 University of Mississippi Rebels.

Kameron Alexander has rushed 1152 yards and 17 touchdowns in 5 games for Gowanda.

Player of the Year Contenders:

Ian Baker, Springville

Jerry Hickson, St. Francis

Dillon Janca, Orchard Park

Ryan Mansell, Lancaster

Isaiah McDuffie, Bennett

Eric Bartnik, Cheektowaga

Matt Eldridge, Cleveland Hill

Kameron Alexander, Gowanda

Tajay Ahmed, Starpoint

Cole Burniston, Canisius

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