Section VI in recent years has only a 7 game regular season before starting playoffs. In several states, schools can play up to 16 games but in 2016, only 11 of 72 schools played 10 or more games. Note the following breakdown of games played last year:

7 games – 1 team

8 games – 20 teams

9 games – 35 teams

10 games – 4 teams

11 games – 4 teams

12 games – 2 teams

12 games – 1 team.

Why didn’t the one team which played 7 games and the 20 who played 8 games didn’t play more? Why doesn’t Section VI require a minimum of every team playing at least 10 games?

In any sport, the only way to get better is through repetition. In parts of the country, teams can play 16 games, plus play spring football. Why not at least have Western New York teams play 10 games?

25 years ago, the high school football season in Western New York was 4 months (August through November). Today it is 12 months with all of the football camps, 7 on 7 tournaments, etc.

Suggestion: Let’s have the Section VI Football Federation get together and develop an action plan to make playing in more football games happen. Just think, perhaps sometime in the future, we could have spring football become a reality like schools have in the South, Mid-West, and West. Perhaps then, college football recruiters will stop avoiding New York State players and give the players a better opportunity to play in college and possibly earn scholarships.

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