Dick Gallagher presents a high school football coach profile on Jeff Sabatino from John F. Kennedy High School:

Name: Jeff Sabatino

High School: John F. Kennedy

College: Daemen

Family: Kristi (wife), Sage (daughter), Aiden (son)

Likes: Heavy metal music

Pet Peeves: Social media

Hobbies: Running

Years Coaching: 19

Record: 9-9 as Head Coach

Favorite Movie: Cool Hand Luke

Favorite TV Shows: King of Queens

Favorite Foods: Tacos, CharBQ Chicken Fingers

Football Career Highlights: Fumbled first snap at QB on T.V in High School

Favorite NFL Player: Ronnie Lott, Aaron Rodgers

Favorite College Coach: D.J. Durkin, Maryland

How do you prepare for a game?

Morning run to review the game in my head.

Why did you enter the coaching field?

As an educator, it is a great way to connect with and influence the students

What brings you the most satisfaction in coaching?

Athleted finding success through hard work

What is your biggest thrill coaching?

Game day locker room

What games do you remember the most?

2012 at Cleveland Hill

What do you expect from a player?

Commitment to our program’s philosophy

How much longer do you plan to coach?

As long as I feel I am giving everything I can to my program.

What was the best team you have coached?


Who is your mentor?

Tony Percival, Glen Graham, Dennis Mason, My Dad

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