Dick Gallagher brings you an assistant high school football coach profile on Ken Partell who is an assistant coach for Alden High School:

Why did you enter the coaching profession?

Playing sports in high school taught me confidence, humility, teamwork, and commitment. Through coaching, I hope to pass along these lessons to future generations and allow student-athletes to have a similar experience.

What is your philosophy in coaching?

Perspective is quintessential in life. Athletes and coaches need to keep big wins and awful losses, bad calls and good calls, good days and bad, in perspective. Sports will bring ups and downs. Controlling your reaction to this cycle is a life skill and sports is the perfect vessel to teach this lesson.

What brings you the most satisfaction in coaching?

It’s extraordinarily satisfying working with outstanding character men as coaches. Coaching in my alma mater and home community brings me a great deal of pride. Alden has outstanding students. Working with these young people and helping them reach their goals is hugely satisfying.

What were your most memorable moments in coaching high school football?

In 2010, our JV football team defeated a very impressive Class B division champion Depew team in week nine after defeating another Class B division champion, Lackawanna, in week eight. This undefeated team went on to achieve big things at the varsity level.

In 2013, during my first year coaching with Rob Currin at the varsity level, our undefeated team went to Ralph Wilson Stadium for the Class B Sectional Championship. In a very tight game, Alden lost. Nonetheless, this team had weekly shown its mettle with comeback-win after comeback-win.

What is your role as an Assistant Coach?

I coordinate the defense along with the other assistant coach, Joe Gawron. I coach the linebacker and offensive line position groups.

What were the best teams you have coached?

2007 Alden JV Football – 7-1 (runner-up in division to Depew)

2010 Alden JV Football – 9-0 (defeated all JV Class B division champions)

2013 Alden Varsity Football – 10-1 (lost at the Ralph to Depew)

What was your most proud or memorable moments in playing football?

During my senior year in 1992, the Alden Bulldogs started out 0-2. We won the next six games to earn a share of the division championship. We missed the playoffs by only a few points in the point differential.

Who was your mentor?

Tim Torge, Adam Stoltman, and Dick Diminuco – the first two were my football coaches at Alden High School during my senior year. Dick was the head coach of Alden High School from 2009 to 2013.

How many years have you coached football?

14 years

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