Last week, we shared the story of Buffalo Bisons super-fan Mark Aichinger. But, there’s a remarkable story within the story. On Sports Talk Sunday, host Jonah Javad dedicated his Extra Point to Mark and his second family.

In case you missed our original story on Mark, you can watch it here:

The story within the story is the Smolka family, who met Mark years ago and developed a friendship, and kinship of sorts, with him.

Mark and the Smolka's are an example of how beautiful this world can be.

How complete strangers can add to each other's lives by being open-minded, compassionate and inclusive - with respect, tolerance and understanding.

These days, it's easy to turn your back on people and ignore them. It takes courage to acknowledge people's differences and accept them for who they are.

Our time on this earth is far too precious to waste it with ignorance. So, to those reading and watching, I urge you… Please. Be quick to learn and listen, not quick to judge and assume.

And, every day, remind the world why Buffalo truly is the City of Good Neighbors.