And the winner is ...

Rumble Ponies.

The professional baseball team formerly known as the Binghamton Mets announced its new name Thursday morning at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School in Binghamton.

Led by team owner John Hughes, representatives of the team along with students helped unveil the new team name on the stage at the school. After eliminating all but the Rumble Ponies and Stud Muffins, the new name was announced under a shower of confetti.

The choice was between the Bullheads, Gobblers, Stud Muffins, Rumble Ponies, Timber Jockeys or Rocking Horses. Those six finalists were announced by the Double-A franchise this past April after Hughes asked fans for submissions on the new name.

In June, fans voted on the above mentioned six names. The results of that vote was announced Thursday, with students and season-ticket holders on hand.

Since professional baseball returned to Binghamton in 1992, the team has shared the nickname of its parent club, the New York Mets.