4th quarter: Mike Gillislee scores and its a 5 point game. Center Eric Wood is down on the field. backup center Patrick Lewis is inactive.

Ryan Groy takes over at center. Wood is carted off the field. Tyrod Taylor takes a big hit but gets the 2 point conversion. Bills down 3 28-25.

Eric Wood will not return to this game with an ankle injury.

Robey-Coleman is called for pass interference to help keep a Seattle drive alive.

Lorenzo Alexander gets another sack. What a year he's having. Bills get a break as Kearse drops the Wilson pass at the goal line. Seattle adds a field goal and leads it 31-25.

I guess the question is now can Tyrod Taylor and the Bills pull this game out of the fire ? Its the best I've ever seen Taylor play so far.

Walter Powell with a nice catch for a gain of 9 setting up a 3rd and inches. However Seattle has challenged that it was a catch and we'll see if it stands. Seattle loses the challenge.

Is this the game Tyrod Taylor wins with his arm ?

McCoy is stopped for a loss as the clock continues to tick. Its been a long time consuming drive by the Bills.

Cordy Glenn takes a tripping penalty. Horrible.

They try a draw play to McCoy but Seattle is not fooled and the play is stuffed.

The Bills punt it away and trailing by 6 need the defense to get them the ball back !!!

The Bills use their first time out of the half. For the moment they have quieted the crowd as Jimmy Graham makes a first down catch for a loss.

The Bills use their second time out. Jerry Hughes struggles on the way off the field.

Kyle Williams sacks Russell Wilson. They lead the league with 30. Its their fourth of the night.

A monster punt by the Seahawks and Reggie Bush brings it back to the Bills 40 yard line.

The Bills have no timeouts.

This is the opportunity that Tyrod Taylor has been waiting for.

Taylor and Woods combine on a great throw and catch. Add 15 yards for a roughing the passer penalty then a Taylor run then its first and goal. So the Bills have the chance to take the lead.

The 4th down pass is incomplete in the end zone and the Bills do not take the lead.

Seattle runs out the clock. Bills lose 31-25. Drop to 4 & 5 on the season.

Tyrod Taylor with his best performance but its not good enough.

3rd quarter: The Bills must find a way to put that wacky ending to the first half behind them. So far so good as they are moving the ball down field. LeSean McCoy with a catch and sweet move on the run for a first down. Earlier in the drive Taylor hit Marquise Goodwin for a first down.

Taylor overthrows the wide receiver and its picked off by Richard Sherman. Robert Woods was the intended receiver. He and Taylor weren't on the same page. It was an easy pick for Sherman.

Shaq Lawson sacks Russell Wilson and the Bills escape any damage from the turnover.

Tyrod Taylor hangs in there nicely and throws to Goodwin for a first down. Well done by Taylor.

LeSean McCoy is still running great. That hamstring appears to be 100 per cent healed. Bills are moving the ball trailing by 11. No one has scored in the second half yet.

Robert Woods takes an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Not a smart play.

Taylor finds Goodwin on the sideline, both make nice plays and Woods catches a pass for a first down.

Taylor finds McCoy for another first down as the Bills drive continues. No scoring in the thrid quarter.

2nd quarter: It didn't take long for Seattle to tie the game at 14. Russell Wilson with a great throw to Jimmy Graham for the touchdown. The game is tied at 14.

The Bills first TD drive last 4 seconds, the second one 10 minutes. Seattle has answered both of them with TD's of their own. They've had no trouble moving the ball on the Buffalo defense.

Richie Incognito is laying people out and LeSean McCoy appears to be fully healthy. The Bills are once again moving the ball.

McCoy is looking great, not good great tonight. The Bills settle for a Dan Carpenter 31 yard field goal and take their third lead of the game, 17-14. First time tonight they didn't get into the end zone. They had a first and goal.

The Bills defense holds after the field goal and forces a punt.

Seahawks take an offsides penalty but on third down Taylor throws it away anad for the first time tonight the Bills will punt..

The Seahawks get a huge punt return but the return man stepped out of bounds way earlier and the Bills are challenging the call that he didn't step out of bounds. They should win this challenge and they do ! Seahawks have the ball at the BIlls 40 yard line instead of the Bills 18.

Seattle helps set this drive back with a clipping penalty. That helps the Bills defense which needs it. Stephon Gilmore is having another game that will not help him get that big contract he's looking for from the Bills.

Now Darby takes a pass interference penalty. The Seahawks have a first and goal. That sets up a walk into the end zone and Seattle leads for the first time tonight. 21-17 Seattle with 4:29 to go in the first half.

Reggie Bush takes the kickoff to the 14 yard line and then Cordy Glenn is called for holding. Bills need to crawl out of a hole. Tyrod Taylor throws it away on 2nd and 13 and the Bills face a third down deep in their own end of the field.

McCoy with a good run but he's still short of the first down and the Bills will punt it away.

Jimmy Graham jumps over a defender. Amazing. Seahawks start the drive with a first down. Its the 2 minute.

Corey White replaces Ronald Darby at left cornerback.

It doesn't matter who is out there for the Bills. They can't stop Russell Wilson and Jimmy Graham. Great throw and another one handed catch. The Seahawks add to their lead. Seattle leads 28-17 with one minute left in the first half.

The first half ended on one of the strangest sequences I have ever seen. Dan Carpenter lined up to kick a field goal. He got hammered by Richard Sherman who was called for offsides but should have been called for roughing the kicker. It wasn't. A horrendous missed call. The Bills were outrated, rightly so. Carpenter had to leave the field for a play because the trainers came out. He left the game for that play which was a spike by the Bills. He returned to the game with 1 second remaining on the clock. The Bills were then called for delay of game. The play clock ran out and it took the officials at least 5 extra seconds to make that call. It ended up by a 54 yard field goal try for Carpenter which was no good. So the Bills trail 28-to-17 at halftime. That is the wackiest ending to a half I have ever seen. Horrendous officiating.

1st Quarter:

The Bills force a Seattle punt on the first series. Jerry Hughes blocks the punt. The Bills recover and on first and goal Tyrod Taylor runs it in for the touchdown. The Bills could not have asked for a much better start.. They lead 7-0 and the game isn't even two minutes old.

Russell Wilson finds Doug Baldwin on a long pass as he beats Ronald Darby for a huge gain inside the Bills 5 yard line. Wilson, like Tyrod Taylor runs it in for 6. The game is tied at 7. Bills waste a great start by the offense.

After the Seattle touchdown the Bills are working on a great drive. Exactly what they need to do against a good defense on the road.

Tyrod Taylor overthrew a wide open Robert Woods. That's a throw he has to make. That was a touchdown. On a more positive note LeSean McCoy is running great and showing no signs of that hamstring injury.

Jerome Felton wtih a great run on 3rd and 1 for the first down. He took a couple of good hits but powered his way forward for the first down.

Taylor finds Justin Hunter for the touchdown and the Bills re-take the lead 14-7. That drive last 10 minutes as the Bills ate up most of the quarter with the 17 play drive.

The first quarter ends with the Bills up by a touchdown and the Seahawks on the move.

SEATTLE (AP) - Buffalo running back LeSean McCoy, NFL sacks leader Lorenzo Alexander and wide receiver Percy Harvin are all active for Monday night's game against the Seattle Seahawks.

Buffalo coach Rex Ryan was optimistic late in the week that all three would be able to play. McCoy missed last week's game with a hamstring injury, while Alexander was questionable, also with a hamstring injury. Harvin was signed last Monday with Buffalo depleted at wide receiver and will make his debut against one of his former teams.

The Bills will be without standout defensive tackle Marcell Darius, who had been ruled out with a groin injury.

Seattle had already ruled out six players, including safety Kam Chancellor (groin), defensive end Michael Bennett (knee), tight end Luke Willson (knee) and left tackle Bradley Sowell (knee). Rookie George Fant is expected to make his second straight start at left tackle.