ORCHARD PARK, NY - Coming into this week, the Bills thought they would prepare for Blaine Gabbert as the 49ers come to town this weekend. But on Tuesday, 49ers head coach Chip Kelly announced Colin Kaepernick will start on Sunday against the Bills.

"I think you can make assumptions, but the guy's almost tailor-made for that type of offense --you know that run, pass type offense that this is," head coach Rex Ryan said.

This is Kaepernick's first start since November 1st of last season and his first start in Chip Kelly's offense.

"It's tough because we only have tape on Blaine Gabbert, but I honestly see them as two similar players. Gabbert's an athlete, he's a good runner, so I see them as the same type of player. We're trying to see how him and Kaepernick compare to each other and to try and go from there," defensive tackle Corbin Bryant said.