ORCHARD PARK- The Buffalo Bills are 4-2 and if the season ended this week, they'd be the 5-seed in the playoffs. So, why do they have the mentality of a team that's 2-4?

"What's been said about these guys outside this building. What was said in preseason, 'We're tanking.' We're not tanking, we're building a team."

Bills head coach Sean McDermott has helped assemble a roster of relative unknowns and turned them into one of the NFL's top teams.

The mentality in the locker room is different from previous years. There are dozens of new faces and they play with something to prove.

"Guys embrace that," McDermott said at his weekly Monday press conference. "They embrace that underdog mentality. That underdog role."

After the Bills thrilling 30-27 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, Bills safety Micah Hyde described the team as, "A group of misfits working toward a common goal."

Hyde is not alone.

Bills wide receiver Jordan Matthews is another newcomer who sees a team unified in its pursuit to prove everyone else wrong.

"You got dudes in here... If they don't make it here, this is their last job in the NFL. But, we embrace that."

The Team of Misfit Toys.

"There are guys who have been told they're not good enough by other teams. I know this, I'll take them on my team any day of the week."