KENMORE, N.Y. -- A group in Kenmore honored a World War II veteran Monday night for his service to our country and his community.

The Kenmore Village Improvement Society honored Daniel Rydzynski -- a Buffalo native who has called Kenmore home for the past 15 years.

Born in 1921, Daniel grew up in a large Buffalo family.

"Our good friend and fellow KVIS member, Danny Rydzynski. He grew up in Buffalo and did you know that he was the 11th of 12 children? And he had nine sisters," said Melissa Foster from KVIS.

Daniel also had two brothers. Four of the Rydzynskis -- including Daniel -- would serve in World War II.

"And who's this guy?" asked Daniel’s daughter, Betty, as she showed him a photograph.

"That's me. I thought that was a good picture. See that's when I was in the war," said Daniel.

Daniel joined the Army Air Forces during the war and trained as a bombardier in San Antonio, then went to Florida. Since it was close to the end of the war, he ended up not leaving the U.S.

Daniel was married to the love of his life for more than 50 years, and is a retired high school social studies teacher. He is also an accomplished violinist. He learned to play when he was nine or ten.

"I could tell people if they hear a song, I'll go up and put it on," says Daniel.

"Perfect pitch,” said Betty.

Daniel volunteers for the Kenmore Village Improvement Society -- a group that meets at the community center -- and at the VA.

"He says he's got to go to work two days a week and he really does and he helps the other vets," said Betty.

"I just love them and that's why I'm going to the vets right now because I try to do as much for them as I can. I buy them candy and I make things for them. It's really nice," says Daniel.

Monday night, community members returned the favor, presenting Daniel with chocolate -- just a small token of appreciation for a man, who at 96, still does so much to help others.

"Kenmore Village Improvement Society is honoring you and what do you think of that?" asked Betty.

"I think it's wonderful," says Daniel.

“I do, too," says Betty.

"Me, too," says Daniel.

Betty says no matter where he goes he always asks -- what can I do and how can I help. She says he passed along his love for community service to his family, and at 96 he gets out of the house every day and keeps very busy.