BUFFALO, N.Y. - Local families with ties to Puerto Rico are anxiously awaiting word from their relatives after Hurricane Maria slammed the island a few days ago.

Millions remains without power, and electricity may not be restored for weeks or months.

On Monday, 2 On Your Side's Claudine Ewing met with members of the local Puerto Rican community, including Maritza Feliciao. Her parents live in Comerio, a small city located in central Puerto Rico. She has not heard from them yet.

"Nothing," she said. "Nothing at all."

Annette Jimenez, a New York magazine owner, has been in contact with government officials in Puerto Rico.

"Total devastation. Complete flooding during the hurricane," Jimenez said. "If you're spending your money online for your relatives to pick up out, there are a lot of them that cannot get to these stores because the roads are broken or damaged, or the stores have no means to restock their merchandise."

Locally, items are being collected at The Belle Center on Buffalo's West Side. They are accepting essential items like water, first aid kits and batteries.