FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- A Western New Yorker was among the many passengers trapped on planes after a shooting erupted at the Fort Lauderdale airport Friday afternoon.

Jesse Ladoue and her boyfriend Kevin, both of Pendleton, left Buffalo on a Southwest flight, connected in Baltimore and landed in South Florida just before 2 p.m., not long after the shooting inside one of the airport's terminals.

2 On Your Side first spoke with Ladoue about half an hour after she landing. That that point, passengers had only been told that they would not be getting off the plane for some time.

"I think we all expected that we would not be moving for a while," Ladoue said.

Passengers knew about the shooting while still in-flight because of live TV on the airplane.

"We're all as calm as can be," Ladoue said. "We're fortunate to be in the situation that we're in. We know what's happening and we have that link to the outside. So I think we're all really grateful that we're on the plane and not in the terminal."

Ladoue said she had considered an earlier flight that might have put her in the airport at the time of the shooting, but didn't because of extra fees.

"And we were fortunate that we were not early for once, because it would not have been the best time," she said.

As of 6 p.m., Ladoue was still sitting in the plane on the tarmac, as the ground stop at the airport continued.