Hamburg, N.Y. — Located just off Boston State Road near the 219 Hamburg exit, Hamburg Brewing Company operates with a certain philosophy according to manager John Russo.

"We love the beer that we make. We drink the beer that we make, and more importantly we a have lot of fun," said Russo.

And they make a lot of beer. There are different types for different tastes in their brewing building. The operation expanded into a separate building which has its own underground pumping system.

"We make 30 different types of beer a year. And we make several different IPAs. We make great saison, Irish Red, Gose which is a German sour style. Every beer that we make here is designed right here, all our graphics, all of our packaging, everything design...not so much is outsourced," explains Russo.

Their distribution covers Western and Central New York with the Finger Lakes and now northwest Pennsylvania. But perhaps the best way to savor the flavor of the beer on tap is at the brewery's tap room.

"We've got a place to enjoy yourself and try out all of our beers. There's up to 16 here at any one given time. We've got a great complex — the outdoor seating is great in the summer months and the same with the winter. We've got the big fireplace behind me. But also we have an added element with our production and the model train layout," said Russo.

Yeah, he said model train layout. It's in the building and features lots of track, landscapes, scratch-built buildings, and 10,000 trees. Count 'em!

"The train layout actually was here before the brewery. It was a family member's passion...still is. We have kind of embraced it as a little bit of our culture here. We've made some beers with some names after it," notes Russo.

And who is making those beers?

"Our head brewer had some experience at a big brewery down in Louisiana. We convinced him to come to Western New York with the snow and the cold, and he's adapted just fine. He loves it, and we've got guys that have a serious interest in brewing, some with some schooling that all work in our production," said Russo.

If you'd like to visit and take the tour, they run Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Click here for more information.