BUFFALO, NY — As Western New York mourns the loss of Buffalo Police Officer Craig Lehner, the expressions of support for the officer's family, and the police department, can be found all over our community.

At the scene of the tragedy that took the life of Officer Lehner remains a memorial. Among the items is a letter that shares the thoughts of many about just how grateful this community is for all that he did.

Julio Esquilin stopped by the memorial and said,"He was a nice guy, a nice guy."

Esquilin and his wife have children in law enforcement and said they appreciate the show of support from the entire community.

"It makes me feel so happy, because that's what Buffalo is, Buffalo is a great city to live in," said Angela Esquilin, "And we're the city of good neighbors. That's all it is, supporting our community."

Whether it's a blue porch light in Depew or a blue pumpkin on Buffalo's west side, people were moved by Craig Lehner's death and they just want to show that they care.

"It was amazing to see how many people were affected by this officer's passing and what they did to show tribute to him, " said dog groomer Louise Heckl. She has put close to fifty blue bandanas on her customer's dogs over the past week.

Heckl adds,"They were touched, thrilled, especially because I posted a picture of on facebook of one of the dogs and I got such a response saying what a great idea, what a nice tribute."

There are tributes to Officer Lehner all over social media. People from all walks of life, from this community, showing support for one of their own.