BUFFALO, N.Y. - A Western New York native is paralyzed from the chest down after being shot by a gunman during a robbery on Christmas Eve. Paxton Taylor Webb, 23, was born in Wellsville and has a large family in Bolivar, a village in Allegany County.

Houston Police released surveillance video of the crime. It shows two armed, masked gunman walking into Katz Boutique, going behind the counter demanding money and taking a safe and two cash registers.

Investigator Jeremy Spurlock tells 2 On Your Side's Claudine Ewing, the robbers got away with up to $5,000.

Paxton's aunt, Michelle Miller says her niece "completely complied with everything they (the robbers) requested and they turned around and shot her in the back and just left her."

Police say the victim did nothing wrong.

"She did exactly what you should do, she complied, she didn't get in the way or try to fight back. It's an unfortunate circumstance that sometimes does happen, whether intentional or unintentionally, they will pull the trigger," said the investigator.

The family says one bullet badly damaged Paxton's lung and spine. She is paralyzed from the chest down and it's likely permanent paralysis.

The family also learned that Paxton is pregnant.

"This will be our little miracle baby. she'll be high risk, but hopefully everything will go according to plan," said Miller.

Paxton was shot just days before celebrating her two year wedding anniversary to Marine Brian Webb.

"She's trying to be strong, but we have our moments. She's questioning why this happened to her, why they chose her, it's hard," said her aunt, who described Paxton as "a big JJ Watt fan, but she was also a dancer in high school and active in the country music scene and very full of life."

You can donate money to help Paxton by clicking here.