BUFFALO, N.Y.-- Some Western New Yorkers are planning a trip to bring aid and relief to the Caribbean's poorest nation.

The Western New York Impact Foundation has been helping a church and school community in Haiti for years.

It has been the area hardest hit so far by Hurricane Matthew.

Just this morning Pastor Steve Biegner of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and the WNY Impact Foundation made contact with one of their volunteers there and heard how bad things are.

“To hear their dismay of all the work that we've done, in particular by this man who grew up on this island. And to see his entire village just flattened, is absolutely devastating,” said Pastor Biegner.

“We're trying to help them know they're not alone and we'll be down there to help them as soon as we possibly can," he added.

90 percent of the homes in the southwestern part of the island are flattened, trees are down, crops are gone and many of the livestock have died, too. Food is also scarce.

The Western New York Impact Foundation is taking donations to help purchase tents and food supplies.