BUFFALO, N.Y. - With this latest dose of winter weather, it was time to dust off the shovels again.

Seamus Gallivan did just that, and he put out the call for others to help. He wanted to form a shoveling flash mob - not to help him at his own house - but neighbors on the city's West Side.

He turned to Facebook to spread the word, but unfortunately only one other person showed up Wednesday afternoon.

Luckily, the other volunteer had a plow. That man was Paul Harvey. He drove more than an hour in bad weather from Cattaraugus to Buffalo to help strangers dig out.

"I plowed my way out and came. Just to do it, just to do something good for people. A lot of bad going on, just thought it was the right thing to do," said Harvey.

"I would say two of us did twice the work, but with Paul we did a lot more than twice the work with the plow. We were able to clear out a few blocks," said Gallivan.

Together the pair cleared driveways and tackled sidewalks for more than two hours.