Buffalo, NY - 2 On Your Side did get some answers for the family of the victim in a hit and run. A person of interest is being questioned in the case.

The family said Wednesday the victim has died from her injuries, however Buffalo Police have not confirmed this information.

Originally Buffalo Police did not release a report and information over the weekend about a pedestrian hit and run where a woman was critically injured. Now her family says it was a deliberate act following a domestic dispute.

The family says 41 year old Janell Edwards suffered serious injuries in the incident which happened early Sunday morning on Lopere Street near Walden. They feel police should have done more to inform the public about this case and sought out 2 on Your Side to do so.

Michelle Edwards said about her sister's situation on Monday: "She's in critical condition in the ICU unit at Erie County Medical Center."

The incident occurred in the 200 block of Lopere Street near Walden just after before 1 AM Sunday. The family says Janell and her boyfriend, identified in the police report as 49 year old Willie A. Young and sharing the same Preston Road, Cheektowaga address, had just left a friend's home and had been arguing.

"They were already arguing earlier that day and then they went to another residence and then he ran over her...I guess he said he was getting ready to go to the store and he backed up...he hit her three to four different times," Edwards said.

The Buffalo Police report shared with us by the family notes the car was a 2006 Toyota Sedan, but does not list any damage on it. The accident is described this way in the report: "The driver stated did not see pedestrian as he was reversing vehicle until he felt thump...realizing he struck victim. Victim unable to describe incident at this time." It adds there was no investigation at the scene or photos taken by police officers who were operating out of C District.

Michelle Edwards says the family was somewhat frustrated because: "When we talked to the initial police officers they told us that an accident is an accident. He admitted that it was an accident and they left us aside...and they left the hospital and we haven't heard anything since."

After 2 on Your Side contacted police, BPD spokesman Mike DeGeorge provided an update Monday evening that a person of interest is now being questioned in this case and the car involved, that grey 2006 Toyota Camry has been impounded. That news obviously relieves the family of Janell Edwards.