BUFFALO, NY – About 50 citizens attended a public hearing at City Hall Thursday morning, sponsored by Councilman Rasheed Wyatt of Buffalo's University District, regarding “red light cameras”.

The cameras, installed at intersections, would take pictures of vehicles which run red lights, and tickets would then be issued to the owners of the vehicles.

According to a representative of a company which leases the units to municipalities, and who made a presentation to those assembled, cities typically pay his firm about $4,000 per unit, per month, and then it is up to those communities to issue citations and collect fines to pay for them.

Wyatt said that some recent hit and run incidents compelled him to explore the issue for Buffalo.

Most of those attending the hearing, however, spoke out against the cameras.

Some expressed the belief that the cameras have little to do with safety, and more to do with revenue for the city, including one who referred to the idea as “just another money grab”.

There were a few who spoke in favor of the cameras, including a representative of the WNY American Council of Blind, and a woman who said her son was severely injured by a hit and run driver.

Following the hearing, Wyatt said he was still in favor of red light cameras, but pledged the concerns raised by residents will factor into any decision to further pursue them.