"Shocking" said NBC News.

"Stunning" was splashed across the front page of the Buffalo News.

The 2016 White House victory seemed to catch pundits, pollsters and veteran campaign reporters off-guard. Predictions and indications that Hillary Clinton gave way to an overwhelming Trump victory.

So, how did the biggest story of 2016 elude the news media until election results started rolling in?

“I honestly do believe that a main reason why so many people this morning are waking up and saying, ‘I just cannot believe this happened’, is because they did not know their neighbor," says attorney Ginger Schroeder.

She is one of Trump's 'silent majority'. 2 On-Your-Side went looking for Schroeder after she posted to our Facebook page Wednesday morning using the hashtag, #ImWithTheSilentMajority.

We found her at her office in Buffalo. Schroeder says she believes a large bloc of Trump voters stayed quiet, in part because going public would draw a lot on unwanted attention and criticism.

“Most people believe that only a very small minority of haters and bigots and racists would actually vote for this man and in some way voting for this person also want that you were a racist and a bigot and a sexist and the like and I think that nothing could be further from the truth.”

The chairman of the Erie County GOP agrees.

Nick Langworthy said, "People aren’t going to change who they are. They’re just going to stop talking about it openly. And whether it’s through media interviews or polling interviews, people just kept their thoughts to themselves.”

Schroeder says that while she's progressive on social issues, she's conservative where it comes to fiscal matters. That moved her to back Trump.

And while some are still scrambling to figure out how so many Trump backers could have stayed in the shadows for so long, Schroeder has moved to a single post-election wish, "I just hope that the whole country can come back together.”