AMHERST, N.Y. -- Holiday shopping once again started early for those serious bargain-hunters.

While many big-name stores actually opted to close this Thanksgiving, still many others opened in the early evening.

Best Buy opened at 5 p.m., and since electronics can get expensive, hundreds of people stood in line to get the door-buster deals that bring down the prices significantly.

Ashley Ponte staked out her spot as the first person in line by coming with a tent on Wednesday. She’s not done yet, either.

"We're going to be back again tonight, and we'll be here until tomorrow morning,” she said Thursday evening.

Ponte and friend Andrew Morris teamed up to be numbers one and two at the door.

Their priority for the night was a new TV.

"Definitely the 4K TV today. This is the big item,” Morris said, pointing to the ticket Best Buy gives customers in line as a way of ensuring those waited get to purchase what they came for.

Ponte and Morris are both Canadian. They have no problem admitting they're taking advantage of the shopping opportunity since they're not missing a family holiday.

Cameron Young from Buffalo, on the other hand, made a sacrifice to be the third person in line.

Like Morris and Ponte, he too wanted a similar TV.

Young said his family delivered him a plate of food in line, and he’ll get to eat more later.

"They know I'm on the way there,” he said. “After I make my purchases, I'm going straight to the turkey and the macaroni and cheese.”

Some of Best Buy’s Black Friday deals are on tablets, Blu-ray discs, and laptops, in addition to TVs.