BUFFALO, NY - The 2016 edition of the Taste of Buffalo introduced a brand new event Saturday afternoon.

The Taste teamed up with Major League Eating to hold a kale-eating competition.

Ten of the top professional eaters from around the country had eight minutes to eat as much raw kale as possible.
Organizers say the eating competition offered a healthy alternative to most other eating competitions.

“Kale is up and growing and trendy. It's one of the healthiest vegetables available,” said Carrie Meyer of the Independent Health Foundation. “Most people are intrigued by it. They want to know: What is kale? What's it all about? But it's prepared in salads, in soups, in a variety of different ways. It really brings a lot of nutrient to your foods.”

The champion kale eater was Gideon "The Truth" Oji from Georgia. He ate an impressive 25-and-a-half cups of kale in 8 minutes.