Buffalo, NY-Adults are not the only people mourning Officer Craig Lehner's death. Buffalo students expressed their sympathy through cards for the officer and his family.

Buffalo Police officers visited the Makowski International Baccalaureate School on Monday. The students created cards for Officer Lehner and his family.

One fourth grade student said, "We have two cards, one for officer Lehner and one for his family because that's how much we miss him because he was a nice police officer. "

While speaking to students, the school resource officer showed her police badge with 2469 on a mourning band. That number was Lehner's badge number.

Lieutenant Gail Allen, a Buffalo Police School Resource Officer, read one of the cards out loud that said, "Thank you for fighting for our safety. Thank you for all the extra hours you put in."

It was then time for the officer to give the students a group hug.

Teacher Katie Fabi said the cards was something the kids created from their heart. She added, "These students have hearts of gold. they really do."

Lieutenant Allen worked with Lehner on K9 searches in schools and the students almost brought her to tears.

Allen said, “For them to show this generosity at this young age and this much consideration and all the thought that went into this project and then they got the whole school involved. It's nice and warming,” she added, “This school has a special place in my heart now. "

The cards for the Lehner family will be delivered at the wake. The other cards will be on display at the Buffalo Police Headquarters in a case.

Student Jose Cruz said, “It looked like he was a really nice police officer. And it looked like he cared about people and cared about his dog so when I get older I'm going to do the same thing officer lehner did."

There are about 900 students at the Makowski school and together they wrote over 2,000 cards to the Buffalo Police Department and the Lehner family.