2017 will kick off with a relatively calm day under enjoyable conditions. The winds have died down significantly but will still be around, just not as strong. Otherwise, sunshine will be the main feature and temperatures will be around 37 degrees.

For Monday, the day will start off a bit cool and temperatures with temperatures in the upper 20's when you walk out the door. The warm up will begin tomorrow with afternoon high temperatures in the mid 40's. There is also the chance for some spotty afternoon rain showers but they will be highly isolated in nature.

The rain will pick up as we enter Tuesday and it will be noticeably warmer with temperatures in the low 50's. It will be a light to moderate rain but a downpour cannot be ruled out of a possibility. However, once the front moves through the Western New York area, temperatures will begin to fall in the 30's.

The cool down begins on Wednesday with temperatures struggling to reach 30 degrees. Snow showers will be moving into the area, however, it is still early to predict the exact location of where the snow will be. It will also be breezy on Wednesday with noticeably strong winds.

The chill continues from Thursday through Saturday with the potential for Lake Effect Snow increasing.