BUFFALO, NY - During a presentation by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) on the future of Buffalo’s Central Terminal, the Canadian businessman from whom preferred developer status had recently been stripped, was also in attendance.

Harry Stinson listened and took notes, during the presentation where the ULI outlined a course of action for the terminal, which basically recommended a more cautious approach than what Stinson had envisioned.

The ULI, backed by money from the state and the city to cover the cost of its $135,000 study, suggested that Central Terminal be brought along slowly, with incremental improvements to enhance its ability to host events.
Ideally, this would create more awareness and interest in the structure so that down the road, a case could be made for more infrastructure improvements in the hopes of attracting private developers to further invest in the terminal.

As well, the plan would keep control of the terminal, for now, in the hands of the Central Terminal Restoration Corporation, which has had stewardship of the landmark structure for several years.

The ULI also concluded that for future development of the terminal to succeed, revitalizing its surrounding neighborhoods is essential.

Doug Swift, one of Stinson’s partners, said that the path going forward as outlined by the ULI encompassed ideas that sounded “familiar, fairly obvious, and part of the plan the Stinson group had offered all along.

“I think there’s room for the private sector entrepreneur to take parts of this project and move it forward very quickly,” Swift said.

A source tells WGRZ-TV that officials from state in particular had lost faith in Stinson’s ability to pull off his ambitious plans for the terminal.