BUFFALO, N.Y. - Following the tragic accident at the Ohio State Fair, the state of New York is taking precautionary measures when it comes to rides, carnivals and fairs.

A Department of Labor spokesperson issued the following statement to 2 On Your Side:

"Out of an abundance of caution, the New York State Department of Labor will be re-inspecting all rides managed by this company and all rides of a similar type owned by any company. Additionally, the Department has asked all companies operating the same ride to voluntarily shut them down until more is known about the cause of the accident in Ohio."

The Department of Labor already inspects every ride before every event, and all rides must pass the inspection before they can operate. There is even an online database showing results of each inspection -- a database created as a direct result of a 2011 report by 2 On Your Side. The inspection results are typically posted within 24 hours, a spokesperson said, but they can take up to two weeks because inspectors are out in the field and may not be able to immediately upload data.

However, last year, the Department of Labor implemented a tag system on-site at each event. The state places these tags on every ride after they pass inspection, in order to show the public that they are indeed safe.

Individual ride operators also check rides on a daily basis. At the Chautauqua County Fair, for example, the ride operator told 2 On Your Side they inspect rides multiple times each day and night.