NEW YORK STATE -- A State of Emergency remains in effect across all of New York's 62 counties.

The declaration was made in response to a Winter Storm Warning for all of the state that runs until 8 p.m. Wednesday, and it allows the state to help coordinate the sharing of resources between towns, villages and municipalities and efficiently direct those resources to the areas most in need.

Richard Tobe, an executive with Gov. Cuomo's office, told reporters in Buffalo on Monday evening that state DOT and Thruway Authority crews from Western New York could potentially be shifted to other areas of New York. The state will direct resources based on conditions, Tobe said, but they will not leave any areas of the state vulnerable.

"That's the key question, isn't it? That each area's first responsible for its own area, each set of DOT and Thruway Authority," Tobe said. "And nothing will leave this area if people are not confident we can do our jobs here first."

Gov. Cuomo said Monday the state will deploy 5,000 of its own employees across the state, in addition to 2,000 members of the National Guard.

The state has been coordinating with local municipalities and counties as the storm continues to evolve.

The city of Buffalo has 30 to 35 pieces of equipment ready to clear the roads, according to Public Works Commissioner Steve Stepniak.

Erie County also has 40 plows ready for deployment here in Western New York, as well as 15,000 tons of salt available if needed. The city and state also reported Monday they have significant salt reserves due to the mild winter.