BATAVIA, NY – The City of Batavia was awarded $10 Million in economic development funds from the State of New York that the city manager says will be used to bolster development of its downtown area.

Plans call for the funds to help start efforts toward a healthy living campus in association with the nearby Batavia Memorial Medical Center, new jobs and housing programs, and partnering with the local arts council to bring more cultural opportunities.

The funds could also help breathe new life into a moribund 17-acre mall in the center of the city, which has for years been primarily empty and devoid of stores and consequently people.

“Every one of those strategies has its place in this 17 acre area and I think that’s where we’re gonna be focused on,” said City manager Jason Molino. “We’re going to be focused on projects that bring the greatest impact to the community and this is definitely going to be one of them.”

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo came to Batavia for the announcement on Friday.