EAST BETHANY, NY - Few places in Western New York can match the natural beauty of Genesee County's rolling hills. Fewer still can equal the super natural bounty of its asylum.

"It's documented through numerous magazines and websites as the second most haunted location in the U.S.," says Bradely Polle of Rolling Hills Asylum.

The county poor house opened here in 1827, and just over a decade later it became the county infirmary. It's been home to widows, children, families, and criminals. Many of whom have never left.

They're seen moving through the halls, playing with toys and games, even talking with visitors. "Here, you never know what you're going to get," says Polle.

Like phantom smells of lemon cookies and chocolate cake courtesy of Aunt Maud, the former head cook. And a portal room, a place where mediums say the spirits can travel directly to the chapel two floors below. A location a little girl named Elizabeth is said to frequent. But she doesn't stay for long. She enjoys following the guests who visit her. And a boy, 10 year old little Jack, who wants to play. "He runs around here with a striped shirt and shorts. He's very interactive with everybody," says Polle.

But the most popular poltergeist within this 60-thousand square foot metaphysical marvel is Roy - a seven and a half foot tall shadow man. His room, seemingly ill fit to a specter of his stature. But Roy, it seems, is a lover of the arts; a reader and a dancer.

Make no mistake, however, at seven and a half feet tall, he is also this building's protector. And his voice, described as the deepest you will ever hear, is one, perhaps, better left silent.