NIAGARA FALLS, NY –There is still not much information coming from the U.S. Department of Homeland security regarding a raid its agents lead at a home at Packard Road and Royal Avenue on Tuesday afternoon.

The agency, through a spokesperson, would only say its agents were “conducting an investigation” (which was clearly obvious to numerous spectators) and offered no further details more than 24 hours after the raid occurred.

There is also no official confirmation that anyone was taken into custody as a result of the raid.

Several agencies were involved in the action, including Niagara Falls Police, NY State Parks Police, The Niagara County Sheriff's Department, and others—all of whom deferred comment to the Department of Homeland Security, which to this point has only told us it "might" have something to say about it all—sometime later this week.

However, according to two well-placed sources familiar with the investigation it did not involve any probe into illegal immigrants, or suspected terrorists...two topics very much in the news, and which were the subject of speculation among some neighbors, based on Homeland Security’s presence.

Moreover, both sources informed us that the raid was part of a drug investigation, and that Homeland Security was the lead because it involved the transportation of drugs across the nearby border with Canada.

A neighbor who lives behind the house in question, and who wished not to be publicly identified, told us his home shook when agents apparently threw a flash grenade into the house they raided prior to entering.

He also recalled being startled to find police from several agencies, holding what appeared to be militaristic style weapons, flooding his yard and the surrounding streets…and how, when he went out on his porch to inquire about what was happening, he was only told to stay inside.

While expressing his support for law enforcement, and saying he understood that police might not want to divulge details regarding what the raid was about, he also felt Homeland Security could have done a better job in communicating with residents in terms of what the raid might not have been about.

“They could have told us that it was not terrorism related, or not related to illegal immigrants…that would have allayed fears and stemmed some of the rampant speculation around here,” he said.