CHAUTAUQUA, N.Y. - Shaun King is not afraid to speak out on issues pressing Americans. Tuesday morning he spoke in the Chautauqua Amphitheater. He addressed police brutality, accountability and racism.

King did not shy away from explaining that racism is real in the United States. He said there is a disturbing trend of putting the burden of solving a problem on the victims of the problem.

"The primary people fighting to solve the crisis of racism in America are African-Americans and we see very little movement. The primary people fighting against racism in America should be White people." said King.

King spoke about politics and offered a few comments about the current President and a former President.

"With Barack Obama, America not only elected a Black man, but perhaps the most interesting Black man in America."

The audience was listening to every word.

"He's kind of from Chicago, but kind of from Hawaii and his dad is from Kenya and his mother moved him to Indonesia," said King as the crowd laughed. "He is the most unique Black man in the history of Black men."

On the topic of President Donald Trump, King said he believes Trump is "simultaneously a symptom and a cause." He is a fascinating story. "Studies have already been done to show if you quantify the amount of media time given to Donald Trump versus given to the other candidates, he was given literally into the billions of dollars worth of media coverage and it was exponentially more than the second and third place and that media coverage mattered."

King also weighed in on Governor Andrew Cuomo's plan to spend $7.3 million on a college program for prisoners. He initially thought it wasn't enough, but knows some will initially say the budget is tight and money shouldn't be thrown away.

Police brutality is an issue that disturbs King about America. He admitted he is not anti-police, but in favor of accountability.

King is Senior Justice Writer for New York Daily News and a political commentator for the Tom Joyner Morning Show.

2 On Your Side's Claudine Ewing sat down with King for an exclusive video. You can watch it below.