BUFFALO, NY – During events at New Era Field in Orchard Park they not only check you going in, but the air space is restricted, ... and there is no nearby perch from which a gunman might attempt to do what the Las Vegas shooter did.

Open-air venues in downtown Buffalo, such as Canalside, present a different set of circumstances.

For while patrons are subject to a search of their belongings, and police presence is sometimes heavy, the area is surrounded by hotels, office buildings, even a large high-rise apartment complex…all with windows that might provide a lair for someone seeking to do harm with a rifle.

The plaza in front of Key Bank Center, where the Buffalo Sabres host their Party in the Plaza events, and Coca-Cola Field, the home of the Buffalo Bisons and which hosts a number of other public events, are similarly surrounded by buildings.

Be Our Guest, the firm which manages Canalside, and the Bisons are both subsidiaries of Rich Products, and Bisons Vice President and General Manager Mike Buczkowski confirms that those in charge of both venues have discussed and planned for the possibility of a tragedy like that which befell Las Vegas.

“That’s why we have had an open line of communication with the city police department the Erie County Sheriff’s Office and all of our downtown neighbors to coordinate when we have large events whether it's here or other places in downtown," Buczkowski said.

For obvious reasons you won’t get Buczkowski (or anyone else for that matter associated to with venue security) to provide a blue print of their plans. Only an assurance that certain measures-- to the extent they can be taken--- are being taken.

“We will not discuss our security plan publicly, but I can tell you that we will meet again with all of our partners to see what kind of adjustments we may need to make in the wake of the tragedy in Las Vegas, and discuss what we can learn from it,” said Buczkowski. “Our world has changed so much in recent years…you can’t plan for everything. But we can we learn from horrific events like these across the country, and our fans should know their safety is our primary concern.”