Republican Congressmen Tom Reed and Chris Collins emerged today to answer questions

about their support of Donald Trump. For three days, 2 On-Your-Side has asked both members

of the US House for interviews to follow-up on brief paper statements they issued over the


We caught up with Collins at a Lancaster manufacturing business where he was visiting.

Afterwards, we asked him how he squares being a Republican, a party which champions family

values with his continued support of the Trump campaign.

Collins said, "Donald Trump has apologized for what he called ‘locker room talk’ among a

couple of guys. You can’t defend. It certainly was a conversation that made all of us sit

back a little bit and say, ‘Whoa’. He unfortunately was speaking inappropriately, but speaking is

different than action.”

Asked the same question during an afternoon campaign conference call, Tom Reed

replied, "What we saw in the video and the comments that were made were completely wrong

and something we reject. And obviously we do not support that kind of commentary. And when

we see it, we’re gonna call it out no matter what it is.”

Answers from both House members were consistent with the previous paper statements,

that while they found Trump’s videotaped remarks deplorable, they would nonetheless continue

to support the Trump campaign.

Collins was the first sitting member of Congress to endorse Trump. Reed is a co-chairman

of the Trump New York State campaign.