BUFFALO, N.Y.-- Primary day is Tuesday, and the marquee contest is the Democratic race for Buffalo Mayor. Unless something really unexpected happens, the primary winner should be the city mayor because there's no Republican challenger.

But a political veteran says the GOP's absence is actually part of a strategy.

It boils down to this: when you are outnumbered, you have to pick your battles.

The buffalo mayoral race is one republicans are passing on.

In all of Erie County, Democrats outnumber Republicans almost two-to-one. In the city of Buffalo alone, the advantage is much more lop-sided than that.

One common political tactic is for a party to participate in every race, hoping to drain the opposition of resources, like money and volunteers.

Veteran political operative, Carl Calabrese says Erie County Republicans have to look at the mayor's race differently. "If you have no chance of winning in the city of Buffalo... and you have three county offices on the ballot, it makes very little sense whether you're Republican or Democrat to run a symbolic, sacrificial race in the largest municipality in the county, and turn out a large number of your opposition voters, which could hurt Republicans in upcoming races for County Sheriff, Comptroller and Clerk.

The GOP holds two of those three.

And before Chris Jacobs left the County Clerk's job to successfully run for state senate, Republicans held all three of those posts.

Calabrese says it's also a matter of concentrating resources: again chiefly money and volunteers, for those county-wide races.

If Republicans wave the white flag on the mayor's race, they have more to use on the Sheriff, Comptroller, and Clerk's races.