LACKAWANNA, N.Y. – No one expected a tie on primary night, but that is what happened in the Lackawanna Council Ward 1 race.

Mohammed Albanna and John Ingram squared off for the conservative vote. Only 56 voted on primary day at the polls. Both men received 28 votes.

"It was a complete surprise," said Albanna.

"I would have hoped more people came out and voted," said Ingram.

Lackawanna has a population of 18,106. There are 13,168 registered conservatives in the County of Erie. In Lackawanna, there are slightly less than 200.

Albanna is a local businessman who has served on non-profit boards. He also spent time in prison for illegally sending over $5 million to Yemen.

"I did the time, everybody's entitled to a second chance," he said. "The federal time was for something that had nothing to do with the council or the ability to serve."

Ingram considers himself a foot soldier and was not pleased with the low turnout, which he thinks may be apathy.

"They hear the same old-same old, people promise and say what they're going to do and not do," he said.

Ingram has spoken out on HUD and Lackawanna housing, and he battled the NFTA over bus service for city residents.

The Erie County Board of Elections will count absentee ballots on September 19. The results are expected to break the tie.

Twenty-one Conservative Party voters in the First Ward requested absentee ballots.