Governor Andrew Cuomo has gone as far as to legalize medical marijuana in New York State. The Governor has also proposed decriminalizing the possession of marijuana, citing the changing landscape for the drug.

But this may be the limit of his leniency.

A group called NY Grows, headed by the former Erie County Executive Joel Giambra, held a meeting last week advocating the legalization of recreational pot.

"Prohibition is not an effective policy," Giambra said. "It's never worked."

It seems the Governor has gone as far as he will go on the topic, reiterating his opposition Wednesday to legalizing recreational marijuana, even calling it a gateway drug.

"The flip side, as you know, is that it is a gateway drug and marijuana leads to other drugs," Governor Cuomo said. "There is a lot of proof that that is true."

2 on Your Side's Stephanie Barnes took the Governor's comments to the campus director, Jodie Altman, of Kids Escaping Drugs.

She is on board with the Governor's words.

Altman said that in her 30 years of experience, every kid she sees has started with alcohol, marijuana and nicotine. Substances she calls gateway drugs.

But according to, there is no conclusive evidence that one causes the other. Large studies of the population have found that there is only a correlation between marijuana and other drugs. There is not a causation.

This means that just because marijuana smokers might be more likely to use other drugs, it does not imply that using marijuana causes you to use the other drug.

2 on Your Side will continue to follow this story and bring you any further comments from the governor.