BUFFALO NY - “I feel good,” said Rus Thompson, moments after he appeared in court, where he plead guilty to misdemeanor charge of filing a false instrument, in connection with allegations of voter fraud filed against him in May of 2016.

Thompson, a well-known political and 2nd Amendment activist, was accused of voting in Grand Island during a the primary and general elections in 2015, several months after he had moved to Niagara Falls.

Thompson was a Grand Island resident for 21 years prior to moving.

As part of the plea, for which Thompson expects to receive a sentence of probation when he returns to court in May, five felony counts of election fraud against Thompson have been dismissed.

Thompson, speaking with WGRZ-TV, praised Erie County’s new district attorney John Flynn, who took over the post in January for “seeing this case for what it was”.

Thompson had claimed he was set up by a vengeful political opponent who he worked to unseat from office.

“When you take the politics out of it, the only thing I committed was a misdemeanor, and that’s fair,” Thompson said.

Thompson had rejected a plea offer back in August, because the district attorney at the time, Michal Flaherty, insisted that he plead to felony.

While relieved the charges against him have been resolved, Thompson say the experience has taken a physical and financial toll on him, telling Channel 2 news his legal bills from the case totaled $50,000.