BUFFALO, NY-- Congressman Chris Collins (R-NY) has some concerns about what President Trump's immigration policies mean for the border here in Buffalo.

Specifically, the Peace Bridge, which, under the President's plan, would use fingerprinting and facial recognition.

Collins, who was one of Trump's first supporters, sent the administration a letter telling them he's concerned about the impact it would have on bridge traffic.

"When it comes to an issue like this, I will always fight for Western New York," said Collins.

And he says he'll use his position to get his message across.

"So I would have no hesitation to go directly to a cabinet official who might be involved in some aspects of this one way or another just to make sure that everything we did didn't disrupt the economy and trade between Canada and the US," Collin said.

Collins says the biometric security measures are more needed on America's southern border, than here in the north