BUFFALO, N.Y. – Monday, May 15th is National Peace Officers Memorial Day.

The day honors and pays tribute to the law enforcement officers who have risked their lives and died in the line of duty.

Many around the country and Western New York came together to remember the men and woman who gave their lives protecting communities.

A ceremony to recognize the day was held at St. Joseph Cathedral in Buffalo.

"It's a true honor for us generally," said New York State Police Trooper Timothy Roof. "A lot of us have police officers in our families, a lot of us have worked with fallen police officers who have gone since, and it's a tremendous, tremendous proud moment for all of us here today."

Another big service took place in Washington, D.C. on Monday where President Donald Trump gave remarks at the 36th Annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service outside of the U.S. Capitol building.

The White House will be illuminated blue Monday night to honor the day.