Buffalo, NY-When you vote on Election Day, you will not only decide on local and county representatives, but also if the state of New York will hold a constitutional convention.

If there is a majority of votes in favor of the constitution convention statewide, a convention of elected delegates would gather to discuss profound, long-lasting changes to the state's constitution.

Channel 2's Michael Wooten moderated a panel discussion about this heavily debated ballot item. Local political experts gave their view point on the Constitutional Convention.

University of Buffalo Professor Jeremy Toth said, "It can go in any number of ways. So you have to ask yourself, 'is that something that you're willing to risk?' and personally, I'm not. Not at this time."

While Canisius College Professor Dr. Peter Galie argued for the other side. He said, "It will give the legislature the tools to bring it back in close trust with the people. That could be the greatest thing that comes out of this constitutional convention."

The panel discussion was held at the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site in Buffalo. The event was sponsored by Counterpoint Media and other groups.

Remember before you cast your ballot on November 7th, the Constitutional Convention question will be on the back of it.