ORCHARD PARK, NY – The owner of Frank Young’s Sports Arena and Roller Rink confirms that he has been summoned to appear in court in connection with an event at his facility, which ended early Sunday morning with a 21-year old woman sustaining a minor wound after she was shot during a dance party.

Frank Young told WGRZ-TV that it is his understanding he will be asked to prove his venue was not over its building code capacity of just under 400 patrons.

Police had estimated the crowd to be 500 when they responded, but Young stated in an interview on Sunday that those estimates were high, and that, "our surveillance would reveal there were actually around 300 people here, which is well within our building code requirement."

On Monday, Young said that if the court does not accept his proof, then he could likely be fined up to $250 for a building code violation.

Meanwhile, both police and town officials are staying mum about what action they may be contemplating.

Orchard Park Supervisor Patrick J. Keem confirmed that he met with town officials including the code inspector and police chief on Monday to explore potential courses of action, but refused to disclose what was discussed, deferring to Police Chief Mark Pacholec who did not return our call for comment.

Pacholec indicated at a Sunday morning news conference that the building might not only have not only have exceeded its lawful capacity, but also that there could be further ramifications because alcohol bottles were found inside and outside the facility

“That’s something we're gonna consult on with the state liquor authority and something that has a potential to be investigated and expanded upon," he said.

However, when 2 On Your Side checked with the state liquor authority on Monday, a spokesperson told us the agency would not likely have any jurisdiction in the case, because it only has authority over establishments with liquor licenses, and the sports arena has never had one.

Nor is there any accusation that drinks were being illegally sold or served.

Young believes the bottles police found were sneaked into the place past the security hired by the event promoter, which also apparently missed the gun.

He also says it’s doubtful he’ll ever allow an event like this one in his establishment again.