Buffalo, NY -- We've seen a lot of mayflies and sandflies this summer, but what about the bugs that also love the wet weather? Where are those mosquitoes?

"The mosquitoes should be here," Marc Potzler, an entomologist with Ehrlich Pest Control, said. "It's mid summer and normally we're getting hords of them right now."

The wet weather should mean lots of mosquitoes, but there are other factors needed to get the mosquito populations going, and heavy rain actually doesn't always help.

"The thing that all pests need are food, water, and a place to live," Potzler explained. "If we are getting so much water coming down that it's flushing these stagnant {water} areas out and we don't get enough of these micro-organisms breeding in the water, it's actually going to cut down on the mosquito larva food source which is going to slow down the mosquito breeding process."

Also, there have been many windy days and mosquitoes often end up downwind of where they are breeding. "If you have a good breeding source upwind of you, you're going to have more mosquitoes than the people who live upwind of that breeding source," Potzler said.

But even if you are seeming to get a break from them right now, mosquitoes are a creature of habit and will try to stick to their usual breeding area. "Oh they're still there... if you have a pond and they can find food close to that pond... they will stay put," Potzler said.

Meantime, Potzler says many calls are coming in right now for a certain bug in the grass.

"We're actually getting a lot of calls for springtails," Potzler revealed. "They look like fleas... and they jump."

Up next, now that it's late July, Potzler says we are getting into yellow jacket season.