BUFFALO, NY - In a tweet posted on Monday, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz proclaimed that “Erie County is hiring!” with a link to a county website which he says lists available positions.

But upon inquiring about the first two listed with the Erie County DA's office, its spokesperson says, while they are actively seeking a paralegal and a senior clerk typist, they have no openings for any "investigators", as listed.

“We take resumes and information in from the Department of Personnel based on the requests from the department. If that's the case, the District Attorney's office probably shouldn't have listed an open position," said Poloncarz when asked by 2 on Your Side about the discrepancy.

“I'll say this… If it's a department that I administer, the jobs are available. I don't administer the District Attorney's office, just like I don't administer the Sheriff's office," Poloncarz said.

According to Joanna Pasceri, who serves as the District Attorney’s Public Information Officer, the Investigator jobs are listed just to get some resumes on file, which is something she says the office is “required to do even if there's no position currently open.”

Pasceri further explained that background checks for a position like a criminal investigator are often more involved and time consuming than for many other county jobs.

Be that as it may, Poloncarz insists this should not discourage anyone from seeking employment with Erie County.

"We also have a listing for of all the job tests that are coming up from civil service. People take tests even though there might not be a job available with it, because if you don't take the test, when the job becomes available, you can't be hired for it," he said.