NIAGARA COUNTY, NY - On the heels of being walloped by a wind storm that caused widespread power outages, Niagara County communities got socked with snow, and are digging out of amounts being measured in feet after a late winter storm.

In Niagara Falls, they got a bit of outside help in their cleanup effort, after 16 inches fell over two days.

“We had some assistance last night from New York State with The Thruway Authority and DOT plows coming to help with the main streets,” said Mayor Paul Dyster, who noted that the state sent five plows into the city, and that two more arrived from neighboring Erie County.

“I can’t remember a time in the last ten years that we’ve needed such help,” Dyster told WGRZ-TV. “This was just kind of a weird weather event for us to get this snow off of lake Ontario for such an extended period of time.”

Not to be outdone -because it wasn't – was the city of Lockport, winner of this storm’s Golden Snow Globe award, with about 27 inches.

“Yesterday our plan was to call in the street crews at about 11pm to work the overnight shift, but our street supervisor decided to bring them in earlier than that because the snow was coming and they wanted to keep up on it, so they’ve been plowing for almost 36 hours straight,” said Mayor Anne McCaffrey.

“It has been exhausting for them because they worked numerous days in a row last week with the wind storm with the trees that were down, and then Monday they were right back at it with the snow,” McCaffrey said.

“I sure hope we don’t a plague of locusts next,” joked Lyndonville Mayor John Belson, regarding his small village which also got blasted with snow, just after some residents finally got their power back on from the damaging windstorm. This past summer, residents of Lyndonville endured a water shortage after a severe drought.

The snow finally tapered off by mid Wednesday afternoon, however strong winds continued to cause travel problems with white outs and drifting on roads, particularly in the wide open rural areas of Niagara and Orleans Counties. Those conditions were expected to persist into Wednesday night.