Buffalo, NY -- At Canisius High School in Buffalo, students are having a lot of fun with hands on learning at the new Makerspace Lab.

For instance, the students are flying drones and taking it to the next level by learning how to actually program them. "We have to program what each of these controls do...these have separate cords that go up here, these control the left and right movement, this one controls the up and down movement," Francisco DeJames, a Senior in the AP Computer Science Class, explained.

The drones are a favorite but there are plenty of other projects to do in the lab. "Here I'm writing a code for my board... it takes in data right here, processes it and prints it out right here...it's a big circuit board so you have to know how everything works," Peter Castiglia, also a Senior in the AP Computer Science Class, said.

Eric Amodeo is the Director of Academic Technology at the school and says this is the first year for this innovative lab. "Redeveloping our whole computer science curriculum... this year every freshman will take Intro to Innovative Technologies where they will do things like 3-D print... Lego robotics, and also do some basic App development," Amodeo said.

Learning the new technologies will hopefully help keep students up to speed with the fast changing world of technology. "Learning this stuff in high school gives us a good base foundation for when we get to college to pursue careers in computer science as well as other sciences," DeJames said.