BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The city of Buffalo now has a new HAWK signal to help pedestrians cross a busy stretch of Kenmore Avenue. "HAWK" stands for High-Intensity Activated CrossWalK.

The new signal is located on Kenmore Avenue at the intersection of the North Buffalo Rails-to-Trails path.

It's the first high-tech signal of its kind in the city of Buffalo. The town of Tonawanda installed a similar signal on Sheridan Drive over the summer, which was the first in the state.

Buffalo DPW Commissioner Steve Stepniak described how the signal works.

"The way a HAWK signal is, is it's an activated signal, meaning it has to be pushed by the pedestrian or bicyclist, whoever is going to cross the street," said Stepniak.

"It immediately turns yellow. That yellow indicates to the driver that a pedestrian is going to be crossing shortly. That turns into a red light which requires you to stop, just like a regular red light. Let that pedestrian cross the street, then it goes to a flashing red, which works like a stop sign."

The activation of the new HAWK signal is the final phase of an $8.5 million Kenmore Avenue Reconstruction Project.