BUFFALO, N.Y. -- A new store in downtown Buffalo boasts an emphasis on shopping local.

"Fred is a shop that brings together independent artists and creators to showcase and sell their handmade items or local items,” said owner Katie Toth.

Fred Handmade Wares & Gifts opened about a month and a half ago.

Currently, the store features 41 artists, but Toth says the goal is to reach 100.

"Most are local, some are from out of state. For those that aren't local, they are required to be in one of three aspects, either handmade, eco-friendly, or sustainable to be in the store,” she explained.

Toth says it’s important to her to help lesser-known artists get their names and their work out.

"Kind of understanding where your items are coming from, who's making them,” she said.

Toth said a lot of the items she sells are creative, artistic, and perhaps most importantly, recycled.

"We just got in bags that are made from bicycle tubes. We have bracelets that are made locally from antique metro tokens, and it's called 716 Buffalos,” She said. “It's really nice to see all these different aspects really come together as one.”

The store is still growing, and Toth has a lot of plans.

"My ultimate hope is to really start bringing in different classes to the shop. So you can probably learn to make your own candle, you can learn to make your own bag, make your own scarf. Kind of emphasize the do-it-yourself aspect of it,” she said.

Fred has regular business hours and is located downtown on the corner of Franklin and Edward. The combination of those two streets names, is, in fact, how Fred got its name.

"I kind of think of this as like a real life Etsy shop,” Toth said.

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