HAMBURG, N.Y. -- There’s an effort underway to jazz up an old water tower in this Western New York town which claims to be the birthplace of the first hamburger.

Some see the idea of repainting the already hamburger shaped water tower, visible to millions of passing motorists on the New York State Thruway, to make it resemble an actual hamburger, as a "rare" opportunity, to get something "well done."

There’s even an online petition in support of the effort.

Painting water towers to resemble something of a community’s civic pride is not without precedent.

Hundreds of communities have seized the opportunity.

Nor is the idea of painting Hamburg’s tower to resemble a hamburger a new one.

“They tried that once before, but it didn’t get through because people didn’t want to pay for it I guess,” said Craig Evans, recalling a similar push in 1994.

Evans, 72, has lived in the shadow of the tower for 45 years.

Asked what he thinks of the idea now, Evans merely shrugged and said: “I’d rather they fix the sewers around here.”

Hamburg town Supervisor Steve Walters was unavailable for comment, but his secretary confirms his office has fielded plenty calls on this.

Supporters who realize taxpayers may not want to spring for an elaborate paint job, hope they can reach out to the community to voluntarily fund the effort, and plan to submit petitions to the town board when it meets in September.